Smoking hot girl shoots AMD 65 –I’m currently like Pavlov’s dog (Video)

I know I posted the hot girl in jeans video yesterday, so you’ll have to forgive me for going back to another hot girl video today. But in my defense, the girl is wearing yoga pants for God’s sake. I mean, done and done.

BTW, all I know about the girl is that her name is Lauren. Good luck finding her.

  • dfas

    I'd snipe her with my rifle.

  • hadouKEN

    needs a stronger gun

  • AJN

    I just cant, her form isn’t correct

  • Blah


  • HxD

    her ass bounce when she shoots, giggle, hehehe

  • Jimmy

    I don't get what the big deal is.

  • Chris

    it was all good until she faced the camera. i'm quite surprised at the comments on here.

  • lngrng

    Hot girl. Check. Yoga pants. Check. Rifle chambered for 7.62×39. Come on, gimme a break. That’s a pussy gun. Oh, yeah…..

  • You're name here.

    I'd pee in her butt.

    • My Name There

      I'd pour a milkshake in her butt, and drink it with a silly straw.

  • NFJ79

    I just found my future wife! Thanks Chive!

  • rossy

    she could make me shoot anytime

  • Bob

    Am I the only one that can’t find the other video?

  • Flackbash

    Nope, this videos still aren't working.

  • Marcis


  • Lily

    thanks friend,I like ur article..

  • bse35

    God I love the ass jiggle

  • thatguy

    uugghh that ass is unreal.. specially when it bounces like beyonces

  • deric

    good for her!

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