• Tom Wilhelm

    Ah!!! I got nothin.

  • El Chive

    no speak porcupine !

  • Mitchell

    Porcupine don’t give a shit

    • Red Anvil

      I just read that in his voice. Well played sir.

    • Rose Smedile

      Porcupine just takes what it wants.

  • Josh Gorter

    at around 46 seconds it really sounds like he says "This is my corn"

    • mr10683

      i heard it four times in a row and you might just be right

      • Josh Gorter

        The lady even responds to it.

    • P_Dutch

      At 47 seconds I swear I hear him say 'het is lekker' which is Dutch for 'it's nice' or 'it's good'. The porcupine is Dutch!

      • Robin

        couldn't agree more!

        • Daan

          jup, true story bro

      • yoselahonda

        I thought it sounded like, "I like that".

      • Josh Gorter

        It's a North American porcupine, so It may be speaking Dutch, but I kind of doubt it.

  • BillRyder

    Strange, I saw this appear at the end of the 'dumb aussie kid faceplants in front of girls' video from a day or two back.

  • Me.

    What a prick… jk i want a porcupine now.

  • DC22

    stop being a dick you little fucker! jk…funny shit though

  • Anon

    I find it odd that I think it is a bit cute….

  • Nikki

    Cute porcupine! I enjoyed its video. haha!

    • Rikki

      You're a total fat-ass, aren't you. (Yes, I meant that as a statement, not a question).

    • Pikki

      Fatty fat fat fatterson.

  • Nelli Adams

    Oh my heck is he adorable!

    • Damnit Nelli

      That's a fucking duck face – cunt.

    • Thank you Nelli

      Much better…all apologies for the cunt thing.

  • RobertC

    What a prick.

  • haywoodjiblomi

    fuckin porcupine should know his role. fuckin porcupine.

  • Ouchmaker

    I hope he gets a piece of corn stuck between his teeth. Would serve him right.

  • Jason

    aaa aaaa annngry beavers. Anyone else play that theme song in their head?

    • bob lee swagger

      No. On a side note, you are an idiot

    • Nameless

      On a side note of the other kids side not…beavers…porcupine..different animals entirely

  • Anonymous

    its all for the Lolz

  • Patrick Funk

    what a dick!!

  • Sam Wisden

    It's a TALK-upine… Yea damn right… That was a Porcu-pun!

  • etcrr

    cute porcupine, You see those teeth? I wouldn't want to get bit by them

    • Sleep_Salone

      Stan, it's too bad you're not allowed to have pets where you live…that porcupine could be your first friend.

  • Sean Powers

    Thank you, mac.

  • Porcupine #1

    Does no one think the woman is a dick for trying to indian give the corn?

    • woman

      just like a woman

    • Da Lollipop Prince


  • Anonymous

    B1tch best get back in the kitchen and make him some corn pie!

  • bandeti

    Damn Ewok.

  • passwordistaco

    The freakiest thing to me about this is how soft the porcupine looks, I mean it looks like you could cuddle with this little dude and he's a friggin porcupine!? How about "spiked hair beaver" that just sounds like it should be an animal!

  • Lockster87

    I never new we had Ewoks on planet earth?

  • Nishtai

    Amazing. I actually believe he's talking. He reminded me of how the minions of "Despicable me" talk

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