• RDM

    He sounds like an Ewok…

  • Hack

    47 sec. – "Stop That!" LOL

  • Rose Smedile

    Dis my corn!!! MINE!!!

  • KingT

    Sounds like nibbler

  • DiazFannie

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  • Anonymous

    since when have porcupines been able to talk and eat corn? that’s just illogical…

  • jared

    I'd like to porc-her-pine! Yeah…I got nothin'.

  • thrillho

    I hate them effin' things. When I deer hunt, they sit up in the trees and chew on bark, making all sorts of noise.

  • JonG

    It's like a little corn eating demon child, adorable until he claws your eyes and starts speaking in tongues!

  • Anonymous

    Ok does anyone else think that’s freekin weird?

  • Huge

    Fucking stupid.

  • Erica Lyn Culpepper

    This is Fucking scary

  • Charligirl

    I want one! So cute.

  • Timbuk

    Porcupine thinks he's a puppy.

  • Rich

    selfish bastard!

  • Justin Williams

    awesome that is all

  • itsme

    I'm sure at the end he says "Bitch!"

  • Sam Rekasie

    Cute yet creepy all at the same time

  • Chelsey Bernier


  • Nate

    Hey Porcupine! Save me some of that corn! Save me some of that corn for laater! :{D

  • Jedidiah

    What a strange creature… the porcupine.

  • Simon

    Is is really wise to antagonize something that's covered in sharp needles?

  • Sluttypanda

    "fuck off, I'm hungry as shit…Ohhhh, so good…"

    • tooCurious9


  • sumguy

    Made me smile, cute little guy!!

  • bse35

    very cute, sweet and kinda funny at the same time

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