The WTF post of the day belongs to “bread-celebs” (30 Photos)

Photos via breadpeople

  • SPG

    #10 looks like Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask

    • r356

      don't remember who your talking about..
      but you reffered to the movie the mask… therefore you automatically get my thumbs up

      thanks for bringing back the memories such an amazing movie

    • Joe Know

      except with a tight young lickable pussy

  • John

    Wow.. i guess you could call these "in-bread" celebrities.. but man.. you all are stretching for content. Take a hint from the BYB girls.. and put up long legs and pigtails.. not this shyt!!!

    • ThatGuy

      They put up plenty of that. This is an entertainment site and as such is enhanced by variety.

    • Dean

      You do of course realize that the rest of the internet is chock full of pornography for you to fap yourself into a coma with? This is an entertainment site, not your local gentleman's magazine.

  • Adam

    Clever Chive. We'll played. *Polite Golf Clap*

  • it's


    • MFChop


      • lynn

        Chuck Testa

    • first


  • Avery

    #5 just looks like Adam Sandler.

  • VedHead77

    RIP, Chris Barley.

  • hMMMM

    #7 – author of Crime and Pumpernickel

  • rodeftone

    … stupid post !

  • bless1

    #19- when did the government declare Oreos bread?

  • bless1


  • Sue Acide

    Where r the nude sluts? F this gay shit

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #15 lol

  • beegirl

    This made my day. Some people need to get a sense of humor and stop thinking about their weiners. The Chive doesnt have to post half naked women on EVERY post.

  • bowser


  • William


  • guest

    andoughne hathapizzaway

  • Brian

    Donatella Verse looks like she got a pearl necklace.

  • collar

    <img src="; alt=" – The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet" border=0>

  • Nick

    Yeah, pretty bad. (gross too).

  • Lyrex

    Kind of reminds me of Eric Stoltz in Mask.

  • @danieljillm

    #15 She looks the same no matter how you photoshop her

  • Brian Peppers


    Still would.

  • B. Stinson

    #12 I see what you did there …………………. nice chest glaze…….. so naughty chive!!!!!! But I like it

  • jared

    Christina Baguettelera ????

  • Meeeeeek
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