Things That Bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

  • Dubz

    Yeah these comments are confusing as shit! I guess we missed something good! 😦 And why all the Shakira hate??

  • Dubz

    Wait was there a gif of Rebecca Black shakin ass???

  • JshWGrdn

    #4 I think that one is more like "Things that Dry Hump."

  • Braver

    #11 is Olivia, but its a picture of her when she was on g4. If you look at bottom left of picture Wich can be hard to look away, but you will see it say attack… she was on attack of the show on g4.

  • Dex

    SHAKIRA FTW!!!!!

  • KiddArros

    #9! DAMN!!! I would drag my balls a mile over glass juss to hear her fart thru the phone!

  • Anonymous

    yes Shakira that booty don’t lie.

  • bdw

    #10 WOW now thats talent

  • Cristian Fabian Bustos Beckenbauer

    yes Shakira that booty don't lie.

  • CalAb13


  • P90

    #5 #11

  • Bob

    #4 imagine being under her…..

  • GreyGhost9

    #12 awkward moment when i almost tried to kiss my computer screen at work oops.

  • notrealtoosureyet

    Poor KP #7 has nothing to shake.

  • Bob

    #10 is oddly hypnotizing..

  • Lds

    #4#4#4#4 Wow! I have a hard time looking away.

  • etcrr

    #3 is for me


    #2 Who is responsible for that sweet ass?
    #4 #5 I LOVE me some Shakira
    #7 too bad she's got nothing to really bounce. Stick to showing your boobs Katy and stop it with the belly hugging shorts.

  • Russell

    Either you're trying too hard or CHIVE is slipping. Virtually all of these suck and belong on the editing floor.

  • Rich

    #7 I didn't know they made an LED equipped model of Depends. God she looks awful.

  • green

    #11 thank god for olivia munn

  • Anonymous

    Left cheek , Right cheek !

  • c4m0t3r0

    who's the #2????pliz

  • MIKE

    katy perry has no ass…

  • Wally

    #10 How can I be the first to comment on the incredible control shown here? Blows more than my mind!

    • TIG ol BITTIES

      you're not

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