Things That Bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

  • McChiver

    Can we have TTB on Tuesday, as well? PLEASE!? The first 11 always make me so happy! =-) No matter how much I enjoy it, number 12 always brings me down; because I know that is all she wrote =-(

  • Anonymous

    #10 is melody jai. Incredible work! You can find this video on YouTube under whooty. She is a stripper in Atlanta ga at the pink pony south

  • anon

    #11 is Olivia Munn on "the feed"

  • bkfrijoles

    #3 TTBT is my favorite post

  • dewd

    I’m loving #4!!!!

  • joshuadooms

    Lame bounce. C'mon guys, you can do better.

  • JenCsen

    ..the cause of earthquakes 😀

  • bootylover

    please.find #12 !!

  • justaguy

    #6 Amazing! I would love to watch those bounce around while she rides me!

  • justaguy

    After reading the earlier comments, it seems that I missed Rebecca Black? DAMN!! I need to be quicker next time!

  • gflo917

    im uphold that the majority can't even recognize some of the celebrity asses in here… shame on you…

    shakira's ass ftw…
    raven symone's tits ftw…

    im out

    • haydar

      PB M&M’s are super yummy, totally nraenstdud. And there is nothing so refrecsing as being a goofball with the hubs, it’s the best! I have been meaning to give you my tip on homemaking/organization since that post, but I keep forgetting, so here it is: I purchase cheap white plastic measuring cups and spoons to leave in the dry ingredient where I use them the most. So, for flour I keep the 1 Cup in the bin. For sugar I keep the 1/4 Cup in there. For baking powder I keep the 1 tsp in there and for baking soda I keep the 1/2 tsp in there. And just distribute how you like. I have nice metal measuring cups and spoons I keep in my cupboards for the other stuff, but it makes cooking and baking MUCH easier!

  • Edwin

    #3 is shay laren. She a porn star!!!

  • @pezatsea

    What the?

  • jkwon

    #10 yea

  • rossy

    just watched the vid for #10 holy shit that would you cum in quick time,ffs you wouldnt need to move

  • JohnYun

    #11 is Olivia Munn. Old Attack of the Show host.

  • Marcis

    #5 #8 hells yeah!

  • bse35

    #9 would rip your dick off

  • Luke0027

    #10..AMAZING. #11 & #12 i would destroy those vaginas

  • renblazer

    #5 = Shakira?

  • Daniel Segovia

    #5 Shakira, not a 15 year old girl. I'm in love.

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