Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • zzzzz

    #15…Is this real life??

  • Meh

    So many of these are re-posts… Come on Chive

    • spartan 1o4fred

      best photos of the week? UMMMMM what am i missing?

  • Anonymous

    Because its the best of the week retard

  • Anonymous

    Thus the title friend, “Best of the Week”…

  • tommy2X4

    #20 Gross, ewww!

    • JSouth

      Ewww? Wtf are you gay? You have to be.

    • Truth

      Yes, she is very eeeeeewww IF you are into dudes.

  • joo

    #10 Da bears

  • Cal1

    Ha ha ha repost, DOH!!!!!!

  • my god

    who is she

  • Anonymous

    20 what a shame
    Ban tattoos for good looking women

    • Truth

      Why are you cryin, you have no chance there what so ever.

  • Epoka

    #20 is ArabellaD

  • Beer_Can_Dan

    #15 and #47, I need names!

  • somos

    #9 WTF? Is this real life?

  • somos

    #38 One of the bests I've seen. One minute laughing 😀

  • somos

    #17 When I saw it I thought I was looking at Portal HD

  • thetrav1sty

    #45 that would be a goddess in a warehouse!

  • buba

    # 15 now those are knockers! 10/10

  • buba

    # 15…..VAGINAS ON FIRE (for eachother)

  • bart

    #47: i’d fuck her like there’s no tomorrow…or the day after

  • Anonymous

    #8 is the best pic out there now. I love the fat, mouth-breathing cop with the Skywalker colored lenses just nonchalontly doling out doses of pepper spray.

  • @AhmedS_F1

    i am new to thechive but i want to ask are the owners of this website gays ?

    • Truth

      What? Not enough donkey pictures here ahmed?

  • WolfmanJack

    #27 …perfection!

  • Ltrain

    Wasn’t that a seinfeld ep? They have a good sense of style and they’re single so you think they’re gay? FP. Get out more, Ahmed.

  • Ltrain

    Worth mentioning that I actually FP’d over meh pointing out that these are reports…..

  • Anonymous

    If they are there definitely lesbians!

  • Jon Koneman

    #7 I thought red necks hated weed.

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