Chive campus callout reminder

  • bendyleg


  • foreveralone


  • first


  • Derek


  • ifuckinlovecigs


  • Stagger Lee

    i'm a bad motherfucker, don't you know? i've crawled over fifty good pussies just to get to one fat boy's asshole–i mean, "first".

    • Sticky Wickets

      Snatch and the Poontangs!

  • terrellpryorstattooartist

    Not to fond of what this site is becomming

    • 0909jfe

      you mean "what it's become…."

    • ImpressMe

      Stagger Lee is a 12 year old troll……and should be ignored accordingly.

  • Old Man

    Does this replace the "Soo…you got wasted" gallery?

  • one cheek squeek

    my boner hurts

    • one cheek squeek

      all one inch of it

  • tommy2X4

    #1 Rule #1~No drinks on the pool table!

    • ImpressMe

      Also no furniture, coolers, or douchegags who think they are cool……geezus….

      • The Chivery

        But….then there would be no Chive!

        Chive on!

  • Trent

    There is absolutely no excuse for what is happening in this picture. Get off of the pool table, you stupid piece of shit.

    • Mr Sal Says

      The pool table was perfectly fine, no worries. Believe me, what that shit has gone through, this was nothing. And yes thats me. haha

      • ImpressMe

        Doubt it….you are fucking up the felt and screwing up the level of the table…also risking a good crack in the slate……have some respect for a decent table you asshat.

  • Jade

    Ohh, that poor billiard table 😦

  • @AhmedS_F1

    i am new to thechive but i want to ask are the owners of this website gays ?

    • one cheek squeek

      yep. they're gayer than a dick-salad.

  • n word jim

    i wish the pictures included unique/interesting things about their college, from what i have seen from previous posts there is very little difference between this and "so you got wasted" not that there is anything wrong with getting drunk but any college kid can get drunk and take a silly picture and i'd rather learn something about your school that i didn't know before / see an actual cool picture

  • Lugh

    Wow, way to screw up a legitimately expensive pool table you idiot douche.

    • Mr Sal Says

      Table is in perfect shape, to this day im sure 😉

  • mojo420jojo

    Oh yeah I forgot, if you sit on a pool table once its automatically broke forever…. Seriously guys? Shut the fuck up you cry babies. If you dont like what theChive has “become” then dont fukin get on. Its that simple.

  • Kevin

    haha thats my buddy sal

    • Rivs

      sal is a douche .

      • 900


  • Michael McCollough

    $400 to replace the felt. Another $100 to get it re-leveled. All of it not worth being a douchebag.

    • Mr Sal Says

      Bud, the table was not harmed by any means by anything you see going on in the picture, i can assure you. No pool Tables was harmed in the making of this photo 🙂


    And just a reminder… please do not submit pics if you are black. We prefer white people. Thank you.


      Or Asians(but only so we can make fun of the way you look and talk). Thank you.

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