Guy transforms into a girl in just two years. Your thoughts? (37 Photos)

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  • Franklin1138

    I'm kind of intrigued to hear the story behind this series of events. To go from bodybuilder to long-haired shredder to Gillian Anderson is quite a trip.

    But let's not forget that he/she is still a person. Sure they could be confused about a lot of things, but then, we all have at some point. Maybe not about our gender, but definitely about something in life. So be kind and gracious.

  • Zack

    Dude it's so fake. It's just grabbed pics put in a sequence. Too many changes in looks and style for only two years. So stupid…

  • Jay

    Stop it. At a bar with the right lighting this dude would get at least half of you commenting. I'd bet money on it.

  • Whitebread

    Well, wearing Abercrombie after the age of 16 will do that to a guy….

  • camkos

    you never see the end girls teeth in all the pictures. similar backgrounds so probably the same house. i say its a brother and a sister who look similar

  • youraface

    Stop being duche canoes people, she looks damn hawt and is just being who she is. and to those of you saying you would do harm to her think about the lame fucking words your writing before posting. would you really "hit her with a crowbar"? Transfolk have so much violence aimed at the community, why would you condone killing and torturing another person? also side note "id hit that" in general is heterosexist privilaged language, say something better that that. but on the real dont incourage violence and hate!

  • Dodith

    AWESOME PHYSIQUE as a guy! Respect!

  • Bicco

    to jest niemożliwe 😀

  • Laurence Huang

    i think "she' is "He"s sister, not same guy…

  • tom

    fuck I hit that last night let me go throw up…..

  • Carl

    How did he lose all the muscle? Did he have tities implanted? How did his hair grow so fast? Why the fuck did he do it? Who is this ladyboy? Did he keep his dick? So many questions!

  • Drew

    I would just warn, if you are thinking of a sex change, consider whether or not you will be attractive as the opposite sex. If the answer is no I would avoid it.

  • MylesofStyles

    Do you know what gives him away? His penis.

  • Rumor
  • shadbely

    I have my doubts. My guess is that they're twins who wanted some attention.

    • MJ81

      Read the comments and you'll see. She has her own youtube channel.
      THe pics seem to come straight from the video.

  • L0rdZod

    That's his sister at the end.

  • EJK

    I'd do her. Any hole in a storm.

  • zach

    My bet is that this is a brother and sister and someone decided to make it appear as if this dude had a sex change.

  • duder

    ah come on prudes, good for her!! Obviously it takes a shit ton of hard work and commitment to make that happen, be who you wanna be. Good job, much respect. I wish I had half the dedication that this woman has. She's lucky she never really had broad shoulders…jacked as hell but not broad, otherwise she'd look way more manly.

  • bob

    if you had any other thoughts besides "congratulations," you're just a shitty person.

  • xfgh


  • dentistD1g

    i dunno if its gay or not , but i'ed still fuck her

  • jojoleb

    WHY WHY WHY WHY ???!??!!

  • n00b

    Arrhgg! Kill IT with fire!

  • reebus

    forever alone guy with his current gf.. close enough!

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