Guy transforms into a girl in just two years. Your thoughts? (37 Photos)

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  • Nihtgenga

    Assuming that is the same person, wow! She turned out beautiful.

  • Ashley

    I think they are beutiful

  • Molly

    Awesome that S/he could go through that and share it with people. I think that there had to have been some plastic surgery for the facial changes (and breasts) but props for being yourself!

  • wicked

    bro and sis for sure

  • nio

    he did all that excercise he went through all that pain to get a body like that and because he is gay he lost it all yes he maybe happy now but if you dont already know may i inform you no one is birthed agy someone can be straight until 30 and can become gay and he can become straight again so tell me when he becomes straight again he would like to hit his head in a wall ………………and fall of a roof good job for ruining your life idiot

  • Kevin

    So any unanswered questions. For starters, how could a dude that was so into bodybuilding just stop and want to get skinny ( not to mention the boobs, vagina?)?

  • al69

    I think she is absolutely SO HOT and sensual. I would love to see and learn more. I need her number.

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