Insane whiteboard artwork at the office (14 Photos)


  • AllanA

    So you are the person that took all the sharpies at work…..Very well done!

  • winfields

    I'm liking the thought provoking analysis for this thread, thumbs up for both of you!


    Heel yeah that's some good artwork

    • Cal1

      Why dislike this post, it’s bloody good artwork, bet you couldn’t do it, losers.

  • gels

    original artist of #5 @?

    • Tj Huddleston

      That's Guernica by Piccaso… damnit why do I know that?!!! damn art history

  • stukesm4

    and why is this guy working in an office?

  • CalAb13

    People with talent…. yadda yadda yadda …….

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Beast mode!!!!! This is really cool…

  • bless1

    better than gallerys of dudes turning into chicks for shure. Keep up the non fag post Chive. Were are my chivettes?!

  • manxhaven

    Think someone is in the wrong job, and all idiots around him probably saying – amazing you should take that up as a career – NOT

  • Guy on a Buffalo

    Probably the janitor. You know like in Good Will Hunting.

  • Etepi

    #7 epic awesomeness.

  • jrey81

    #12 & #13, the backgrounds look like some serious endeavors… well done.

    • 29er

      I love the amount of black markers in #12

  • random guy

    #5 is Pablo picasso

  • Tj Huddleston

    Damn… my dry erase markers never last that long! They're usually just dry… no erase

  • Ruud

    #6 Epic van Gogh

  • Canon

    Projector art

  • Randy

    Nice art

  • thrillho

    #12 hey, the singing butler. I have a print on that in my house. Vettriano does some cool artwork.

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  • skuba

    The whole office must be high as giraffes nuts with all the fumes from the markers

  • TED

    Goes to school gets art degree,works at a office.

  • farthead

    tarheels suck by the way

  • etcrr

    Love #13

  • whitemanwalking

    shows the stupidity of capitalism. here we have these talented artists, doing fuckshit all day.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Why does that make capitalsim stupid? Just curious.

  • hadouKEN


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