• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601045015 Shan Haroon

    First. Again.

    • DC22

      you must not have a life!

  • http://terrellpryorstattooartist.wordpress.com terrellpryorstattooartist

    That’s because nobody watches these dumbass videos they keep posting after the DAR so you can be first on all of them

  • James

    Hell, I'm a sucker for this slow motion shit.

  • Anonymous

    All I saw was a lot of alcohol abuse

  • Anonymous

    Who is Alec? Did i miss something?

  • james

    My phone Sony let me watch these videos. Frickin FRICK!

  • Rick

    They broke the cardinal rule. DON’T WASTE BOOZE!

  • chiveninrhodeisland

    845 in the am, i'm thirsty, and want to listen to the beastie boys

  • SpacemanSpiff

    "Dammit, Otto! You are an alcoholic"

  • Racismforkids

    This is what happens when you give niggers access to slow mo

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    A digital hair of the dog…. excellent!

  • desti

    You do realize the beasty boys are white……

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s funny

  • Heff

    I've been a chiver since it was conceived on a motel vibrating bed in 2008. You all are losing sight of the "chill" aspect the chive was founded on. Be chill

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Chris

    what a waste

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