• myrd

    Haters gonna hate. This music isn't even dubstep, its house. You haters wouldn't know what dubstep is if it smacked you in the face. You hate the idea of it, not the music.

  • Alex

    Sounds like techno…. Not dubstep…

  • Emily

    Who is the artist of this song?

  • Skinnypete5

    Its by "mastamicbeatbox" on YouTube, he's awesome

  • Dre

    Sounds like Autism trigger music

  • http://xxwhodatxx.wordpress.com xxwhodatxx

    Not Dubstep

  • Anonymous

    Future douchebag dude-bra fist pumpers

  • unbreakable

    i love masta mic.. he has a lot of great videos on youtube. its legit how he mixes beatboxing into his songs.

    … silly russians.. haha

  • One of them

    That's not dubstep morons.

    • One of them
  • oops

    That was not dubstep.

  • Lia

    Amazing. these kids know awesome. Getting weird.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nick.luckner Nick Luckner

    This isn't dubstep…

  • Mr.Pinchy

    Def not dubstep… tech electro maybe

  • dubstep for life

    FUCK you. no one is making to watch this, if you don't like it go some where else! BITCHES.

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