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  • Slip


  • chuck

    gotta be an asian driver….or a woman parking

    • pooper

      old asian woman duh

    • mja1485

      It was an Asian woman parking.

      • jouj

        loll true true!
        Man how could this even be possible??? lollll some people should just never drive!!!

    • TheAutomaticMan

      accurate posts like this should never be voted down…… truth is always positive. haha

    • 2pumpdump


      • chuck

        couldnt care less

    • marcopolo

  • YAY


  • dbar


  • grifinpusjb

    No I'm not.

  • Holy Hell

    She's so not stuck.
    Really should be though.

    • Craigery

      No way, that's totally real. This blonde bombshell was driving around the mudflats in her Hummer while wearing a bikini and no shoes, when she got stuck and decided to get out and walk around in the mud while someone took pictures. What makes you think this was staged? The fact that there are fetish websites dedicated to creating pictures of hot chicks stuck in the mud?

      • Mr.Lonely

        You sound somewhat bitter my friend…

    • FailTrollFails

      time to give her a hand…or two

    • Shevy
  • thestrange_one


  • intmid8or


    • FailTrollFails


  • Ron Jeremy

    #13 Mileys birthday party was this awesome

    • TheBAMFinater

      Dear Diary, Jackpot!!

  • jrey81

    #3 gets an awwww every time! #13… jackpot… #27, 3 cheers for unintentional hotness… bring in gal #2!

    • tapsnapornap

      it was intentional,…

  • AssClown

    #1 Woman: That is definitely where I parked my car…

  • Bigdaddy

    Not first

  • MigraineBoy

    #13 Stuck, are you? Perfect….

    • GI Joe

      Giggity… jackpot….

  • jasgat66

    #28 Shouldn't this douche be at The Berry??? Just saying…

    • zighawk73

      Don't be mean to James, he's dreamy.

      • Jason

        Sounds like zighawk as well as the pic needs to head over to The Berry. GTFO!

    • mataru

      gay tumblr stuffs

    • Pants

      the Chive hath betrayed us.

    • Jules-CO

      He's hot….I agree! Send him to the Berry so those ladies can FIND HIM! 😀

      • Guest

        It's James Maslow from Big Time Rush…

  • Holy Hell

    Hey Paula.
    Have you hugged a cat today ?

    • Paula_

      No, but I chocked a chicken, close enough.


  • RapistinLinkinPark

    Dear Diary,

    #13 SCORE!!!



  • Brian


    Umm, yea. Don't really care all that much about this pic, just had to do something to get my over the last post. Whew!

  • Faraday

    #8 HAH! take that smart car!

    • Underbaker

      Oh come on, they can just pick it up and turn it.

    • Mr. T

      They kinda had it coming considering how they parked. Parking like that is only cool in parallel spots.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #16 Use the Force, Luke..

  • holyshit

    #23 really not that stuck, just stupid

  • Craigery

    #8 Douchebag number 1 parks his toy car sideways for no reason, Douchebag number 2 intentionally parks as closely as possible in order to block in Douchebag number 1. They both deserve a dent or two.

    • chris

      "Douchebag number 2" if my fuckin hero!

      • TheAutomaticMan

        agreed, he deserves a medal

      • hMMMM

        probably some badass grandma, given the huge car and the handicapped spot

    • tapsnapornap

      Couldn't you just pick it up and move it?

  • chris

    #13 Rape, now available at the drive-thru

    • MMMmmmm

      Hole in the wall – Gash Point.

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Oh….well .now here's your problem

  • Craigery

    #13 Nice thighs! #28 : so gay.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      you got those backwards craig 😉

  • PeteDKilluh

    #28, what is this? the f'ing berry? get this S out of here!

    • Lisa

      seriously chive, way to gay it up a notch at the end there

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