You are stuck (28 Photos)

Are you stuck? Can you access a computer? Send in your pics to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com, then get help.

  • SkyVader

    #10 Glory Hole…'re doing it wrong.

  • chiverwriterina

    why do these random crap supposedly tardis traveling people know who i am. girl or gtfo

  • Tri140point6

    #5 some lucky person is going to get a 2 for 1

  • Tri140point6

    #27 To get unstuck, she just needs to drop and roll around in that mud (and then post a photo)

  • Tri140point6

    #16 Now that is just wrong

  • SimonPhoenix

    #5 … GGGRRR. The worse.. I'l rock the shit out of the machine to get my Reese's Pieces!!

    • blazelt1

      shake the machine to pieces to get my dam reeses

  • Tri140point6

    #13 You know this was preceded by the statement "Oh crap my wife is home. Quick, get out the window"

  • Tri140point6

    #9 Well, it is cheaper than silicone implants but just as disappointing as a padded bra

  • winfields

    #8 don't park like a smacked ass in the first place.

  • AllanA

    #16 That's a mean joke…..

  • CalAb13
  • pcocco

    #10 Jane Curtin?

  • EasternCanuck

    #21, now that's stuck… gonna be tough hauling that 70 tonne monster out of there.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #10 suddenly…..surprise butt secks

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #7 is kinda awesome

  • Jimmy


  • listenlady

    You know how I know that you're gay? You macrame your own jean shorts and you post #28

  • manxhaven

    #2 stairway to the stockroom or roof…

  • Pants

    #28 Really…?

  • Tommy

    #8 Smart car driven by a dumb-ass… That fits.

  • Anonymous

    Sonagram wouldve been good here

  • Jude

    #18 Maui HI

    After 24 uncomfortable hours, Skywalker the bull was freed from his tractor tire around sundown Tuesday, rancher Paige De Ponte said.

    Her son, Scott, and a ranch hand used a crowbar to lever the huge tire off the exhausted animal's head and horns.

    Skywalker headed straight for the water trough.

    Baxter Black, the cowboy poet and former large animal veterinarian, consulted by telephone from his home in Arizona, suggested a dose of animal anesthetic, followed by cutting the tire with a chain saw. "You'll ruin your chain saw."

    But De Ponte said Skywalker, a rough, tough rodeo bull that's never been successfully ridden, was so tired he submitted to some levering and pushing as a half-dozen men maneuvered the tire off his horns. He has been polled but still has short horns.

  • rocket

    Thanks for not posting the pic I sent to you. It would have been perfect for the subject. Dick.

  • Vitali

    #21 is definitely not stuck. It's a tank. It is just found the perfect camoflage

  • GTox

    Love me some White Castle

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