Soooo…. you got wasted (31 Photos)

Send your best wasted pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • dewd

    #15, #28, moar plz!!!!

    • Mak-da-ripper

      #28 can open those up all over my face

      • Anon

        why must girls make bottles of alcohol appear like they have penises… its just weird

      • xsacredhonourx

        I am hoping they do this to people all night, shouting "ICE'd" and having them drink it from that position.

        • Crazy

          It would be better if the blonde was on her knees drinking from the bunette's bottle in that position…………. just an idea. #28

    • Tom

      ahhh high school.. how i miss thee.

  • WTF

    #15, pointed in the right direction.

    #28, mine is bigger than yours

  • JOHN

    #27 looks like that kid in Stand by Me

    • Thomas Moore

      The hangover is going to be nothing compared to the mosquito bites.

    • Aaron Root

      Ray Bauer

  • boom!

    I haven't had any booze for 9 years, but I enjoy the company of drunk friends. Someone has to take the pictures.

    • Dunny

      can't handle your shit? man the fuk up

      • rabble

        I quit smoking because I realized there was a problem, so I had to quit cold turkey but all my friends still smoke and I still hang around them. This person realized there was a problem and took control of their life, instead of blaming it on a disease and dragging his life into the gutter. So who needs to "man the fuk up"?

        • Dunny

          1 point to the troll.

          • JAFitC

            Ya gotta stop pointing at yourself, man. People are starting to think you're wierd.

            • SpellChkr


      • Gatsby

        I quit drinking a little over 12 and a half years ago. I was drinking way too much for all the wrong reasons, and when I drank I turned into a dick. It was bad news for everyone, particularly the walls of my house. I, too, enjoy the company of my drunk friends. And when I'm around they always have a designated driver. So I'd say I "manned the fuk up." I recognized the problem, identified a solution, and followed through on that solution. There were a few friends I had to cut out of my life. They were the friends who, funny enough, wanted to me to stay where I was at and said things like "man the fuk up".

        • Dunny

          another point to the troll.

          • BenJF

            Grow up.

          • SWa

            lol people replying to your post and you already assumed they got mad over it?

            You still have a long way to go to be a troll. Don't pat yourself on the back yet.

            • Dunny

              uhhh, yeah they did. just like you. so add more to the points bank because…score another point from a hipster douche named SWa.

              • SWa

                Sure bro, whatever helps you be happier with your life

      • boom!

        I happen to have a stage 1 liver cancer because I used to get drunk all the time and having 2 bottles of gin everyday.

        • boom!

          PS: A person who man the fuck up is the one who knows when to stop booze.

    • MylesofStyles

      I don't drink anymore…But I don't drink any less either.

    • BentWrenches

      I Quit drinking,smoking,and doing drugs 10 years ago.

      It was the worst 2 days of my life…….

  • A.J.

    #16, # 30 Piling things on drunk people: too much work to do when you're drunk and not enough payoff when the person wakes up.

    #17, #8 are definitely better drunken hobbies

  • iambigd42

    #15 /FTW

    • i <3 titties


  • BIakeGriffin

    My Precioooous

    • dfgdf

      she eats bologna jus like my kids, lol

    • jjjmc

      It's not her, it's the thought of hovering over and eating slices of bologna off the floor that disgusts me..

    • Ian

      its funny cause shes fat lol

  • dano

    #5…let me help you out of those wet clothes young lady. You don't want to catch a cold, do you?

    • passwordistaco

      Dude, pretty sure she pissed herself. But hey whatever you're into.

      • Leeks

        That makes sense, cause girls totally piss from their boobs down right?

        • passwordistaco

          Dude it's called a decoy, trust me she pissed herself then spilled the beer.

          • Big D


          • bud

            Dude, dude. Dude

  • Bella Carmona

    39803774650 should the pregnant one be drinking?

  • benninj

    Thank you chive for posting so often, having just had my tonsils out and not being able to sleep you are keeping me sane!

    • mskris

      Hope you feel better soon!!

      • benninj

        Thank you! KCCO 🙂

    • Wet_tosti

      Lots of ice cream for you! Can't enjoy them because it hurts. Damn you! first world problems! Hope you can enjoy icecream very soon.

      • Dunny

        What is with this mushy, man-love? get a friggin' room already.

        • etcrr

          get well soon

          • Sleep_Salone

            You want to suck his cock, don't you Stan?

    • You're name here.

      Hahahahahaha you suck.

  • All methed up

    Where are the 5 dubstep videos today? I’m really looking forward to see how many people don’t watch them

    • womp


  • Wet_tosti

    #15 That's one way to get the message out of the bottle!

  • Jawbone

    #22 I’m guessing that isn’t slimfast in those bags.

    • Guest

      hahaha quote of the day goes tooooooooooooo

    • hank jackman


    • Salute My Shorts

      Its really only 2 of them

      • womp

        but those 2 are cellulite infested whales

    • Rose Smedile

      Congratulations, it's a food baby!!!

    • me.

      annoying highschool skanks >:|

    • Tara

      slapping the bag

      • schmielllssson

        slap the belly while your at it

    • Joy

      hahahah well played

    • phydor

      the one in the pink bottoms striped top looks good


      There is nothing wrong with any of those girls. Something for everybody in this pic.

  • Chive or die

    #17 OMG is that sweet baby rays BBQ sauce in the fridge? Best sauce ever!

  • biggles

    #3 I have never asked this before but…Chive.>FIND HER<

    That is hot beyond hot

    • biggles

      oh ya, the one on the right. Of course

      • bMoles

        She goes to the University of Iowa, I know who she is but I dont think she would like me posting her name for the world to see.

        • graham

          haha she would kill us both brad

        • The Dude

          I doubt she would hate becoming a Chive celebrity and, if popular enough, possibly going to Cali to shoot with Leo and Bob… PicsOnPics

          • graham

            ill see what i can do!

            • bMoles

              As long as I get to do the photoshoot. I am in a bunch of photography classes, haha.

              • Luc Robitaille

                graham, bMoles
                please… the world needs this

              • Rusty

                Then just shoot the photos and submit them for a possible Chivette of the week or something? I wouldn't complain. 🙂

          • Big D

            she would if she has any self-esteem.

            • 9-05

              of course she doesn't. she's on the chive.

    • JOE

      yessss!!!! Right side, find her for DAR!!!!!

    • biggles

      Did i forget to mention I live in the Caribbean and would love some company?

  • nrvousbreakdnce

    #15…. talented

    • etcrr

      I take it you mean her body as the talent as it doesn't take any talent to get drunk, just the lack of sanity

  • Ger

    #17 Wasted? No, I'm just fat.

    #9 #10 I wonder if there should be a ban on showing service members in this thread.. I imagine their CO isn't too happy.

    • DMAC

      why would there be a ban? Nothing identifying his unit, he wasn't on duty and military personnel get drunk all of the time. Including officers. But they know not to let pictures be taken so as not to impact their career. CO probably doesn't care even if he does know.

      • Akeem Emmanuel Rutherford

        The CO's were just as Drunk, It was Branch night, It's a tradition. Granted it is a tradition that shouldn't be getting publicity but it was all warranted. There were field grade officers everywhere supervising and in some cases partaking in the fun making sure nothing got out of hand, All went well.

    • Adam Hanson

      I agree. The Chive should not be be posting these pictures. While it is their own damn fault for partying in uniform (or even out of uniform, if they are recognized by someone) beyond moderation, it can be used as evidence in administrative action against the member or possibly commander referral for treatment. Anyways, both are cadets and appear to be in violation of Article 133 of the UCMJ (Behavior Unbecoming of an Officer). Their "friends" could be hurting their future career in the Army.

      • Ger

        Yes, I imagine "drinking to unconciousness" would qualify for disciplinary action.

      • Marshall

        The army soldier looks like a warrant. You are assuming that the CO reads this and that pictures aren't taken anyway. The court martial process has way different rules of evidence and proceedings; it isn't so much with the "innocent until proven bit" Furthermore the responsibility of screening shouldn't be on The Chive. The responsibility should lie on the poster, let's not vagify the photo submission process please.

      • jenn

        it was branch night. leave them alone. they worked 3 and a half years waiting for this one night that determines the rest of their career. the one night that they are allowed to drink in uniform. sorry for partying.

    • lambert

      do service members not have the same internet rights as civilians?

      • (IJ8i


    • panama99

      The young man from USMA is from West Point and is a Cadet and trust me after the first year the majority drink to some level. Not after 3 1/2 years as noted previously. They have not taken their final Oath of Enlistment and technically are not Officers in the Army. They are cadets and can be punished but if they fail out of enough courses it is not like they would make them an enlisted member, they could but normally they do not.

      The Warrant Officer is probably attending the Warrant Officer Course and might be attending an End of Course Party or some other event.

      Guess what folks military men and women party and have a good time, they should try to keep it at a safe level but it looks like they are doing it in their rooms and not on the streets where they can get a DUI and ruin their careers.

      As for not posting any pictures of them I don't hear you all bitching and maoning when it is a female and she is partially in uniform……I guess that is OK and the Chive loves them for it.

      • jenn

        3 and a half years is how long they wait to get their branch…not to drink. sorry. and they are both cadets. no warrant officers.

        • panama99

          Jenn, I was unable to make out the rank of the second one with his shirt still on and I am aware that the cadets have the goofy rank structure. I could care less if they drink, get shit face, run around naked and have their picture taken all day and night. To me a West Point Cadet is nothing more than a college student with a job lined up once they graduate.

          These kids are drinking before "Branch Night" the only difference is drinking in uniform….big deal. I've done that before and you know what your beer taste the same.

          The question/comment was should these pictures be banned and the answer to that is very simple, of course not. We are now showing pictures of our dead from Afghanistan and Iraq and some-one is worried about a drunken picture of a cadet…..

          You may or may not agree with that and thats fine.

          • jenn


  • Asdfghjkl

    Do they still make one piece swim suits #22?

    • Factoid

      Or snowmobile suits?

      • eat

        yes, both are still manufactured and available for purchase at many on-line retailers.

  • kokko

    #31 is nice

    • B For

      Just saw #31 last night in front of the Bellagio in Vegas. He (or she?) was drunkenly conducting the music as the fountain show went on. It was a defamation of my childhood, but I laughed

    • The Dude

      Bill Fucking Murray

  • Mcchris

    #28. Left. Wow!

  • R2G Fan

    #15 #28 I'd get wasted with you ladies any time. So hot.

    • Jason Yingling

      So they could violate you with bottles of booze?

  • docfester

    Just remember folks, catnip is a gateway drug….

    • grunt87

      dude how many costumes does that guy have?! every day he's out on the strip in a different costume. Same scenario..hammered and laying against the wall. Sad thing is he's probably making more money than me lol

  • ImpressMe

    #16….. wow..original….stacking stuff on the drunk person…fat, drunk, and stupid….even less attractive on a female.

    #28…. just no.


      U GAY

      • NO U


  • ifuckinlovecigs


    hoes icing hoes.

    • The Chivery

      …or Chivettes(same thing).

      Chive on!

  • Damian

    #22 “After we kill this bagged wine lets hit up a buffet!”

    • Dakota

      Well 3 of the 7 have decent bodys, but I’m not liking those odds

      • Falthor

        3 of the 7 have amazing bodies the otehr 4 I still wouldn't kick out of bed I'm sure.

      • iwarnock

        actually i think 5 of 7 are hot.. but ya the girl no. 3 and 4 its a no ty dosnt matter how drunk im

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