Step on board the flying Oval Office (27 Photos and a link to a video)

Link to a very interesting video done by National Geographics on Air Force One here

  • etcrr

    Can you imagine being so rich you could have your own 747-400? wow how cool would that be? #23 could be my flight attendant

    • Kodos

      AF1 is a -200 model. Plus, he only gets to borrow it.

      Please return your stewardess to the upright position.

    • Afghanistan2011

      I'll take the Airbus A380. The 747 is a little small for my needs. 🙂

  • Thydaynik

    What kind of mood you wake up ?

  • cogScieli

    Hey ppl!! Greetings from Wakonda

  • Eliza S ilverman

    Hah, Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi

  • Cass

    The only thing that's great about the oval office is the fact that it's inside an aircraft.

  • GurgenYane
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