• Chive or die

    I think I love Paula and dub step!

  • maclean

    WITH GRAVY!!!!

    • maclean


      • therealmaclean

        that was not me. faggot

      • Huge

        Sucking it now!

        • patov40

          Fuck off, I want it!!

  • Jon

    Lol wtf

  • Cameron Hoehn

    Tiger woulda put his club through that dude's forehead had he screamed during his backswing.

    • Nathaniel Patrick-Bateman Fancypants

      I was expecting him to. I cannot express my disappointment adequately right now.

    • Logan O

      i think anyone would

    • Aaron Root

      It wasn't during his backswing.

      • poop

        we know.

    • Adam Heffelfinger

      I would say, based on the past, it's his wife that knows how to swing a club in anger…

  • Sean Woyna

    Au Gratin!

  • mojo420jojo


  • waryee


  • Pants

    Sadly this is the most interesting thing to ever happen during a golf game.

    • Tyler Macias

      You have clearly never watched Happy Gilmore.

  • James

    Laughed way too hard at this

  • Shawn

    It's a phrase coined by professional poker player Jason Mercier, when he's beating hit opponents.

    "@JasonMercier someone just screamed #mashedpotatoes when Tiger hit his tee ball on 18. you're transcending golf now!"

  • Obi

    I need best hin.i understand what he’s doing dis time.

  • Anonymous

    He screams “masted potatoes” like the marines scream “Charlie in the trees”

  • TaterSean

    Lame, totally thought it'd be cooler and be shouted during the backswing. Note to self. If ever the opportunity to see Tiger, I'm screamin "MASHED POTATERS" during the backswing n follow through.

    • Final

      You go Sean. Live for us man!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    i guess he was hungry

  • Romaik

    Making sense is so potato !

  • etcrr

    Tiger mashed the ball? oh hell I got nothing

  • friendo

    this shit is not funny

  • Backslash

    What's taters, precious?

    • beat rice


  • .riley

    I kinda want this as a ringtone.

  • Armedand Dangerous

    Better than, "Get in the hole" or "U da Man"

  • Moatasim Naveed

    he should find a good spot to approach the hole from! LOL

  • joel

    the fuck you think i care about this for?

    • Kyle

      thats right cause this is all about you, joel. the chive exists solely for the interests that pertain to joel

  • whorehouse

    I just got into shit for watchin this during class 😛 but yeah that was a good one!

  • Dan E.

    What's with all the divots at the end. Is that some public course they're on? Yeesh PGA.

  • Bob

    Masybe it means "Tiger you are a cheating man-whore"

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