It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (32 Photos)

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  • MAtt


    • kieran

      And what have you won? nothing!

    • AstroMikeDexter

      Your mother must be so proud.

    • StaticFX


  • Paula_



    • James

      That was weak

      • TTT


    • JOHN

      you are a dude right? Paula must be an alias because we never see chick programmers when theChive goes into the real world.

    • umadpaula?

      i bet ur a dude

  • miguel

    Too much fattie content Chive, seriously I'm trying to eat breakfast here! Gotta go check out FLBP to clean my mind's eye.

    • miguel's Dad

      then you better never look in a mirror, tubby.

  • Manne

    #32 somewhat defines trash

    • Ben

      I like the photoshopped border around her. I wonder what she is doing at the moment!

      • Smitty

        As old as this pic is, and you've never seen it?

        What rock do you live under?

        • benbobbins

          It's called the outdoors, Smitty. You should experience it sometime.

        • Ben

          It's called "having a life". I highly recommend it.

    • DerJöe

      her daddy must be the proudest redneck in the trailerpark

    • Ffopl

      Maybe wrong name to trap you ! 😦

    • TheAutomaticMan

      you mispelled fun…

    • The Chivery

      You mean a Chivette.

      Chive on!

      • hMMMM

        you and average chiver….get the fuck outta here

        • The Chivery

          Why? I'm just expressing my enthusiasm for what The Chive is all about!

          Chive on! Chive on! Chive on!1!1!1 GUYZ!

    • Bud Lee

      Y'all do know that those tats are shopped right?

      • ufcmad

        That right, it was the winner of a photoplasty contest a year back or so.

    • Heidi

      I think it's sad. 😦

  • Anonymous

    MAtt you sir are a douche bag

  • Winterborn

    #24 very true, now before I get all the hate, I don't hate this guy, he just simply looks like a girl.

    • meboooo

      Who in their right mind would hate you for hating on that utter faggot?

    • Craigery

      Be careful; you don't want to piss off all the hardcore Bieber fans on The Chive.

    • JOHN

      no one can give me a definitive reason why people hate this kid. did he rape someone or something? I really just want an answer.

      • Answer

        He's bad at music.

        • Jesse

          people hate him because he is a fucking cunt. He was told to dress like a black rapper, despite the fact he is whiter than toothpaste. His music is also offensive, literally offensive, I sit down and I am emotionally and physically hurt by the shit that comes out of the speaker. Not to mention the fact that he is stealing all the kids from the playground so now I have to dress like a 15 year old just to get some.

          • nemesis

            You seem tense.

          • bubblerider86

            i disagree, my toothpaste is blue. 🙂

          • its_forge

            You… really have no understanding of Disney and its music marketing division do you? They have a massive audition, they pick 3 or 4 semi-talented kids a year out of 3 or 4 thousand, they put a couple on some TV show they dream up like Wizards of Waverly Place or whatever, they put a couple more in front of a microphone and the guys in suits write songs for them to sing, and the marketing people come up with a public image and tell the kid act like this, dress like that, sing this, next time there's a mic in your face, say that, and the kid does it because he does what he's told and he and his parents love the money. Then the kid turns 18, they start trying to sell them as a sex star to the other 18 year old kids, that goes on for 2 years or so, then the contract runs out and they go off on their own and try to still have a career. Most don't. And that's it. Nothing of what you see of this Bieber kid is him, it's all marketing. And I repeat: He's tasted Selena Gomez's pussy and you haven't, so shut the hell up already.

            • Lobo

              Holy shit. I actually agree with forge(especially concerning the "shut the hell up part"). Ok. Justin Bieber doesn't appeal to the "full grown male demographic". We get it. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIM!

      • pigu's Dad

        because they saw everyone else was doing it, and figure it's the easiest way to be funny(when Bieber jokes are about as old and tired as jokes about airline food).

      • Sarcynic

        People are sheep. I know that sounds condescending, but what else would you call people who unanimously latch onto hating someone they don't know, and that they can readily ignore? Besides "mentally/emotionally challenged" possibly…….

    • Just some dude

      who you're calling a guy, she's a lady

    • Zed

      Well I don't care what everyone else thinks. I do hate the guy. He needs to go home wait till his balls drop then come back and try to sing.

  • passwordistaco

    #21 My head literally snapped back when I scrolled that one.

    • fr33kvanderwand

      I don't get it… all i see is a leg…

      • 1-029348

        same here.

    • Panopticon Photo


  • etcrr

    #21 wtf is that a horse?

  • GoodGame

    #32 You spelt Herpes wrong

    • Floyd

      you spelled spelled wrong

      • GoodGame

        Fuck you faggot.

        • Bob


          • Smitty

            Owned and neg bombed. One more D-Bag point for the trifecta of Epic Fail.

        • benbobbins

          Now you need a comma after "you."

  • etcrr

    #28 waiting for her hands t slip up, keep looking

    • pigu's Dad

      stan's so stupid he thinks pictures have motion, lol.

      • You are an Idiot

        Do you know how lame you sound? You are about as useful as a kickstand on a Tricycle

        • Sleep_Salone

          Lame defined.

        • Bullwinkle

          wow stan. you suck at analogies too! you're like the Leonardo da Vinci of suck.

  • Kristi Farley-Cota

    #32 wow super classy

    • Bud Lee

      The tats are shopped in….but the original picture is also "super classy"

      • Primer Gray

        Do I want to ask for a link?

  • ijjhg

    #9 Sometimes your Uncle makes me come 0_o

    • Underbaker

      Isn't that what an Uncle is suppose to do to his wife?

    • Random_Things

      Sometimes, I come with your cousin..

  • Vince

    #7 Actually having a right-hand drive car when everything was made for the other side

    • its_forge

      My guess would be either the driver side window is broken or it's the passenger that wants the food so why bother coming in driver side facing.

      • muthafucka jones

        my guess is it was a woman driving

        • YTom Williams

          probably forge's mom. that fat bitch mainlines mcdonalds like john does cocks.

    • Carb Jet

      Nissan Skyline! RHD…

      • Carb Jet

        #7, that is

  • guest

    #7 or they drive RHD cars and want a Big Mac fast

    • The_Dood

      I just figured it was the passenger that needed the food. I've done this at ATM's.

      • its_forge

        Same, or the 3 years I drove around in an Isuzu pickup truck with no knob on the driver side window ::sigh:: Damn thing snapped off the very minute I made the last payment.

  • mipo2010

    It really doesn't matter now does it?? #32

  • ifuckinlovecigs

    # 6

    Now THAT'S my kinda woman!

    Chivin' + Chiefin' cigs = Happiness

    • Niggher Beater

      fuck you, you filthy nig.

    • JHL1

      You don't get as many down thumbs when you do it right.
      #6 (note there is no space between the # and the number)

  • R2GFan

    #28 Yup…need to start working out again.

    • Craigery

      That chick needs to start working out if she thinks she can lift weights with those scrawny-ass arms.

      • DrROBOTO

        those are actually fake weight plates

  • p1babyarm

    #2 Not her whispering eye

    • JOHN

      we have no idea what this chick looks like. she probably has a face like #27

  • homer

    Wondering if #23 the same person as #5?

    • SolidusSnake420

      Nah man way to small of a puddle, that would be a biblical sized flood

  • p1babyarm

    #31 Gets me every time, Stay Hard Mufasa

    • Smitty

      Ooohhhh! Say it again!

  • TubaGeek

    Okay, how the hell is #9 a FAIL when the whole point of the game is to get your mind in the gutter?

    • Crabman

      what game is that?

      • Steve

        card game called dirty minds

  • Will

    #6 There's something about girls smoking. Always great pictures.

    • eddy

      Yeah, takes a 10 down to a 6 or 7

      • 8989

        to me, it takes a 10 to at least a 13. but to each their own.

  • tooCurious9

    #3 re-charge
    #4 Otters are just crazy…

  • dirtysteve99


    Well, in Skyrim perhaps.

    • siojmn

      skyrim is better than sex. true story.

      • truth

        average chiver.

      • The_Dood

        You have some things to learn about sex…

        • Jessica Condrey

          this made me laff ;D

      • Black6dog

        Sex, you're doing it wrong

      • Just some dude

        have you ever had sex?

  • thedude325

    #12 True Story

    • pl,[p

      not a story. stop saying that.

      • Brother Maynard

        THANK YOU!

      • thedude325


        • zowie

          I dunno . . . looks like the match just started . . . kinda hard to have a chuckmate

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