Meet smokin' hot Texan (17 HQ Photos)

  • sandman

    I live in Lubbock….i'd like to run into her at Walmart.

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 love this picture but i guess so does everybody else. glad to see you on the Chive too

  • yun

    how can a girl so pretty be so ugly on the inside? you SCUMBAG americans have no respect whatsoever for animals. killing them for sports.. simply disgusting

  • Anonymous

    nice rack! on the buck, too. also, you have beautiful eyes. GUNS UP & WRECK EM.

  • kimo

    Beautiful like like u r i dont think u should be single! Look me up

  • Bob H

    #16 Fellow Texan, and she drinks my favorite whiskey too!

  • J Espil

    MORE!!!! Please we want more!

  • lebelge

    #3 Love you! Please call me…… whatever you want!

  • randy

    Are you sure your not from tennesse? Cuase your the only ten i see lol haha

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