Only in South Korea…(26 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    #13 looks like Bobb Sapp

  • Jamie

    I am actually fling to South Korea today. This post must be a good sign!

    • racist

      spelled fling wrong asshole

      • Jamie

        At least I used capitalization and punctuation, asshole! That's gotta hurt!

        • It'sJimmyYo!


    • QuattroD00d

      Good luck, and have a blast!!

  • dewd

    #3, new thread request. All mud covered women!!!

  • Pete

    Number 25 is Taiwan, not South Korea. We're also famous for legislature fights in Taiwan. You can clearly see the Chinese sign, as well as a glimpse of the ROC flag in the background.

    • june

      noo thats korea. the chinese sign is in the korean parliament as koreans sometimes use chinese characters for random stuff. plus thats no ROC flag. white flag with red and blue is obviously the korean flag

    • TJK

      Chinese is Korea is like latin in english speakign countries (oor any other country with languages based on latin)

  • Fun

    #10 is actually really fun to play, the person jumping on top tries to brake the opposite's team line

  • thedude325

    Well…seems alot cooler than North Korea

  • misschris

    #19 Fuck the porrice!

  • Kenny

    #15 looks like a hip old dude, the rest are all just nuts.

  • racist

    again you are racist chive . FU

  • john

    Hey Chive. you love to make fun of asians. ridiculous. go eat it racist web site

    • It'sJimmyYo!

      Its all in good humor. Take it with a grain of salt and laugh at yourself a little. Look at the rest of the site. They make fun of everyone lol

  • girl

    Worst website ever. first asians, now koreans, next blacks and hispanics.

  • stephanie

    Scale of 1 to 10 for funny =1
    Scaleof 1 to 10 for racist = 10

    how about a only in blck people s lives chive?

    • suntrust

      Because the white man never enslaved Koreans. That means it's okay to make racial jokes about them. Duh.

    • Craigery

      "black people s lives" isn't a country.

  • baxter

    Hey chive. eat it.

  • jun

    #10 is called Buck Buck. Bill Cosby spoke about it during one of his classic stand-up routines. And for all of you too young to remember who Bill Cosby is, he's the pudding guy (note my sarcasm). The statue is ridiculous as shit though.

  • It'sJimmyYo!


  • Thoridin58

    This post is not racist. They are just poking fun at South Korea, just like they do to the USA. Every country has crazy shit that goes on. Blackface acts were/are racist. Showing photos of crazy shit is not.

  • Dalton144

    It’s not racist, I think everyone is a little too senitive. If you don’t like the post nor the website tell me why in the fucking first you are even looking at it. Be gone.

  • Tanya

    #17….their version of Pedo bear

  • Chaz

    #24 why are there 2 streams?

  • Anonymous

    Cry me a river “racist” you cry baby fuck! Nobodys bitching when white people are on here doing stupid shit.

  • Nick

    #17 Find her.

  • German

    #3 i don't see nothing wrong with this one

  • AllanA

    #20 "I'm soooo high!!!"

  • @Kuetsar

    Your going on elbonian airlines? when did they expand their service?

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #25 shit got serious!!!!

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