Only in South Korea…(26 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    3 & 11 are during the mud festival. I was stationed there for 19 months and the mud festival is awesome. A lot of alcohol and a lot of mud.

  • ShouldBeAboveThis

    This post is not racist but the last one about Asians was. The fact that they posted two post about Asians in a weeks time while not targeting any other race is a bit racist. I visit the Chive daily and never see any post targeting any minority race other than Asians. To the people saying it isn't racist, Im sure you are not Asian. If you were you would see it differently. Come on Chive. At least the title wasn't offensive this time.

    • Donovan Colbert

      Asians are neither a minority, nor facing significant challenges in competing in a global economic market.

      Like Caucasians, they're an apex predator among the successful cultures of humanity.

      If white guys have to grin and bear it whenever we're stereotyped for humor, I think it is only fair that Asians should have to, also.

      So… I hear you… but, tough shit, anyhow. Go console yourself with the expensive toys you've bought with the income from your high-end job which leverages your superior skills in the sciences and math.

      As a side note I just read an article that many Asians do not check the Asian check-box on their College applications because they know that they'll be expected to have higher SAT scores and GPAs. The article was full of all kinds of quotes about the superior work ethic, dedication, and honor to elders among Asian cultures that results in this disparity between Asian college candidates and other races. We love to embrace the differences when they're POSITIVE, but when it looks negative, we all get our panties in a bunch.

      If some guy is drilling a whole in your skull and filling it with Drano in hopes of making you into a sex slave, it is probably a white guy. If someone is drawing a picture of cute, girls with big round eyes in sailor uniforms getting violated by alien tentacles, it is probably a Japanese artist. If you can't handle it when someone observes those stereotypes and creates comedy around them, you need to fucking grow up and get off campus and into reality a little more often.

    • Craigery

      White people get made fun of every day.

  • Anonymous

    Just to let you know Asians
    not a minority race.

  • Guibombe

    #17Pedo Hare?

  • CalAb13

    Pretty sure #24 is from Haeshindang Park in South Korea

    AKA "Penis park" 😉

  • sheva07

    glad to see fellow Korean chivers

  • Stephen

    No Starcraft jokes?

  • sam

    This post makes me DAM PROUD to be a korean.

  • Daniel

    #7 holy shit,it’s like a Chuck Norris movie in Korea

  • Anonymous

    I do not think this falls under the racist catagory. If you look a few posts down you will see a post about ‘merica, poking fun of white overweight Americans. People need to get over the racism card. There wasn’t any indication of hatred in this post. O and by the way they are freaky good at Starcraft… Kind of pisses me off sometimes 🙂

  • Jay

    i'm korean and i thought this post was hilarious as all hell. racist? maybe. but why care 😀

  • bkfrijoles

    #26 MEGA SHIT

  • Anonymous

    They do talk about other race it’s the redneck posts that only have white people in them learn how to take a joke

  • JshWGrdn

    #17 Pedo Bear's South Korean cousin, Pedo Rabbit

  • ted

    its official. asians are wierd. interesting as all get out, but wierd.

  • Andre



  • Kyle

    #1 I assume "Find Him" (the supine one) is not an option ?

  • Jesse

    Of couse #21 is breaking all of them. That stuff is SHITE

  • Leonel_LyL

    #25 What is up with Korean politicians? Hahah

  • Tony

    #3 Mud Festival
    #20 and #22 ROK Marines unduring training in the snow.

  • Devin

    Not a single Starcraft pic? : /

  • Fapmaster

    Korea,dirty country,but they have cheap hookers.

  • Guilherme

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