Raiders of the Lost Internet (32 Photos)

  • Hayden Rivers


    • Chiver In Bio

      The Chive doesn't find attention seeking whores………they find the Chive.

      • 56Terminator

        no. the chive finds pictures of them so they can shop "chive on" onto them.

  • Irishstephen

    #17 Find her – and then find a hose to rinse those suds off….

    • bsplayer

      Charlotte Herbert

      • Screwhead317


    • Matt Hoyler

      I'm guessing you mean #18.. Her name is Charlotte Herbert. You're welcome, and CHIVE ON!

    • Durddy

      yeah if you don't wash the soap off properly it can leave soap scum. she should be using dove

    • lfsg

      Charlotte Herbert google her and have a happy day!

    • Alucard

      Chad Suicide, or Charlotte like bsplayer said.

    • MATT

      The pic you WISH this was: (not a joke pic).

      Also, I refuse to put a "NSFW" warning on any comment photo after this one. URL to pics in Chive comments = NSFW. Everyone oughtta know that by now.

      • MATT

        Or you losers can just go to a porn site. That works too.

    • Saranwrap

      i saw her much on wastchester website !! enjoy !!

    • StevenC

      Word #17 AND #24 please.

  • Spets

    #27 Melissa Midwest….

    • Spets

      on second look it is not… my bad

      • Posted this
        • 2pumpdump


          • Posted this

            … your gonna show your friends…..fag…..

  • Huell

    #26 = Wendy

    • Crashfistfite

      look up the girls you seek

    • rob

      its always sunny in philadelphia – the anti-social network

    • Brian Riggs

      her name is Rosalie Ward

  • Woodstock

    #3 find her. OMG

    • Idiots...


      • Lyrex

        Don't care.

    • Elcastino

      Argyle has never before looked so sexy.

    • Norwegianstud

      its not shopped. Eva fonda larsen on facebook.. just ask for a reply, and you'll get it. shes thinks fb is a homepage…..

  • EasternCanuck

    #15 has got to be a playboy or model or something… if she's not then she should be.

    • omg

      not sure im spelling it correcly, but its wayne gretzkys daughter.. that hockey dude.. the chive even has a gallery of her featuring her twitter pics.. which is also why it makes no sence that the picture is in here, since they should know who she is

      • EasternCanuck

        I saw that post and since you mentioned that…. i tried to google this image and came up with this girl.

        • thanks

          fap 🙂

          • TTT

            smily green cryface 🙂

        • hMMMM

          it says she's a professional swimmer. HAHA yeah right! All she does is float.

      • TATO

        That is NOT Paulina Gretzky.

    • asstomouth

      why? she's like a six or five at best fake tits face that looks older than her body, weird smile and I'll bet 20$ that she looks ugly without all that makeup. chicks like this are a dime a dozen

      • R-Dub

        You are quite possibly the dumbest person to ever comment on this site.

        • Eryone

          R-Dub, make like LG and take your attention whoring and GTFO.

      • duke

        and this is y u sir, r single

        • Jen

          At least he doesn't type like he's retarded.

      • @TimboD84

        what, so if she came up to you in a bar, you'd say no?? hahaa!!

  • Anonymous

    17 por favor

  • R2GFan

    #3 #9 #16 #30 Fulfilling my fantasies. Sofa King hot.

    • R2GFan

      16 & 30 should be #15 #29. They must have pulled a pic out on me real quick. Fuckers.

      • R2GFan

        They pulled #10…3 topless chicks doing hand bras…WTF Chive?

  • John

    #6 and #22 are stunning

    • Doctor_What

      You beat me to it… They are amazing.

    • hMMMM

      perhaps you guys should try and collect some college facebooks (not the website, but actual facebooks of incoming freshmen, which the upperclassmen all appreciate, btw).

  • andrew

    21. Mellisa Clarke

    Where’s my shirt?

    • Randall Gallegos


      • stabbyjake

        #20 is actually Melissa Clarke…not 21. Mel Clarke makes me all confused as well. So – ignore my post a few down. Original picture submitter person…back up your claim and send the shirt to this guy!

    • Cruzer117

      I second, Give him his shirt!

    • KyleGamgee


    • Doug

      I agree ship this man his shirt, and thank for that little bit of heaven on earth.

  • jukebox

    Please start replying to posts with the good web domains. Thanks

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #29 shopped or not human

  • Cruzer117

    #32 y u no show face?

    • asdf

      good question. would love to see more. can I get an amen for perkiness?

      • Dorkfish


      • Fish On

        Amen, but those look like two halves of grapefruit stuck to her chest. I like fake tits, but those look sorta ridiculous.

        • its_forge

          If they're fake, and I'm not sure they are, but if they are they're well-done fakes.

      • Steve Lee

        praise the maker

    • Isityou?

      I believe her name is Holley……

    • Dirty Dingus

      What a beauty.

    • The_Stif

      could be fuck ugly.

    • Juiol

      Two kinds of girls are chivette material: 1. Model wannabes that chose to take being slutty as a career 2. Low self esteem ugly girls that happen to have a great body.

      Take a guess.

      • Desertsteel

        I guess your testicles never dropped and in the process of trying to glue some hair on your empty sack your mom's shop vac gave you a circumcision.

        • Shmash!

          That is now my new favorite quote!

        • Juiol

          Awesome, now say that 3times in a row really quick.

      • Lotus

        100% agreed.

    • moar boar


      And thanks for the proof mystery lady

  • Grumpy

    Gotta find #22 and #24.

  • Anonymous

    #17 please look for her harder than Lebron looks for a ring.

  • stabbyjake

    #20 Melissa Clarke

    • stabbyjake

      ps – considering you don't know Melissa Clarke, nor haven't seen her on theChive 100's of times, I'm guessing you'll never be able to figure out international shipping. Keep your shirt. You're welcome.

      • thangers

        Good Guy Jake:
        Finds Her for the Chive…

        …Doesn't Take Your Chive Shirt

        • htsrhdj

          good guy jake was kinda being a dick about it though.

          • Hand of Fate

            True Neutral Jake: Helps you but is a dick about it, tells guy to keep his shirt but only because he thinks he is dumb and can't figure out how to send it.

        • betalpha

          Good Guy Jake:
          Says he'll give his Black Logo Tee

          ….Home made..with sharpie

      • rmthegr8

        what do you mean figure out international shipping, is there a secret way to get a chive shirt?

  • jason in pc

    #33 i would like to find her in my room, or a box, i would even eat her with a fox.

  • Matt Hoyler

    #18 is Charlotte Herbert. A quick google.. and y'all are welcome. =) Chive on! (FYI I sent that picture in December 1st with a note that said "Found her! Her name is Charlotte Herbert" but apparently Mac, Bob, and whoever checks the ChiveSubmit at gmail don't get my emails……………………….. STOP IGNORING ME, AND JUST FUCKING HIRE ME DAMNIT!!!)

    • Matt Hoyler

      damnit I meant #17…

  • DMAC

    #4 – Lets lose her again. I just threw up a lot in my mouth

    • UknohowIknoyou'regay


    • ssstoopid

      Hot girls affect your nerves that badly?

      • DMAC

        No, just ugly skanks

        • McG


      • DMAC

        And your mom

    • BeardPapa

      I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers!

    • Desertsteel

      Good thing you swallow.

      • DMAC

        Yeah, you like it on your face

    • its_forge

      Ink or no ink this particular woman is beautiful.

      • tehtay


        • truth


    • John

      A pure knock-out!
      How can you say you threw up?!

      • Bubba

        Because he does not swing that way, sir. That's the only way how.

        • DMAC

          This coming from a guy who fucks sheep because it's all he can get. No, it's because I don't like tats. Deal with it. She is a skank..

          • John

            Hmmm…so any tattooed woman is a skank?! Whatever

            • Dude

              How desperate are you fucks, she's not hot, yes she has an ass and tits but that doesn't make her hot enough to be on the post , at what point did having standards make you gay. That being said I would still fuck her.dmac I agree tattoos don't add appeal

              • Mephisto

                EXACTLY! Any chick that doesn't look downright deformed and you don't react like a horny teenager MUST mean you're gay? No. But it does mean the person who thinks that is in all likelihood retarded. Or in the closet.

    • DMAC=FAG

      I wish I could down vote this more than once

    • Smack76

      One mans trash is another mans treasure and she is a treasure I could polish regularly

    • Andy Valentine

      Couldn't disagree more. Hot as hell and think the art makes her even hotter.

      • Justin

        Art wtf! Since when did tats become art, only assholes that have already tattooed themselves make douche comments like that.

        • Andy Valentine

          Are you asking how "body ART", designed and applied by "tattoo ARTists" is art? Really?
          Does a drawing have to be on a canvas to make it art?

          Just because you're a whiny little he-bitch that would choke on his own tears if a needle came anywhere near you doesn't mean that you have to shove your myopic ideals of taste down everyone's throat, mmmkay!

          • b-ry

            everyone and their damn grandmother has tattoos. it's the equivalent of mall-art.

            • SMULawlz

              Where do people like y'all come from? With such ridiculous views on tattoos?

              • DMAC

                I don't know, maybe every city in the world; We are those that aspire to be more than pizza deliverers and retail clerks; We don't want to earn minimum wage our entire lives, hang out with our buds, live in single-wides, get blind stupid drunk every weekend with cooter and make passes at our cousins. We are the responsible people that actually make the world go round. When you grow up, you'll find there are a lot more of us than you think.


    #17 her name is Charlotte she is a British model . I saw her in a front magazine when I was in the UK last year do a Google image search for " Charlotte Front " she has some hot pics with no bubbles.

  • MrMister
  • lelos

    #17 Charlotte Herbert

    • LOU


  • Albus Quindecim

    Fellow Chivers

    #24 Goes by Jillian V

    Model in the LA area. And yes she is gorgeous.

    I've seen #17 before. If I remember where I'll let you know.

    • FONZIE

      More Jilian!

    • Andy
    • Bing

      not sure if you're right on #24… google kathy gardiner.

      • TATO

        #24 is definitely JILLIAN WELSH. She lives in Santa Monica, Cali. I've seen her out before and yes she is fucking perfect.

  • KenRayJen

    #3 SEXY.

  • Alex Clarke

    #20 Sweet jesus.. I'm in love

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