Raiders of the Lost Internet (32 Photos)

  • J.C.

    Kyle Goldstein…you are full of shit. Her name is Janelle Weller, we went to Ohio State together. Good try though, pal. The rest of you are welcome!



  • rannet

    #6 is my dream girl. How do you go about finding a random stranger like that??

  • Nightflyaz


    Go Sun Devils!…and bring a half dozen of your sorority sisters to my place!

  • http://chive anonymous

    #31 you are the most beautiful chivette.!! Message me.

  • androx
  • Guest
  • Myst


    Number 17 is Charlotte Herbert aka Chad Suicide. She is a British glamour model for Front and nuts magazine.

  • jim

    #24 is on model mayhem, if that helps. she's very hot and i have about 20 images of her on my computer. google image search shows she is a heavily pirated girl for all kinds of diet sites.

  • Clipz

    Way late to the party but #7 can be found here on Barstool U.

  • Tony

    #24 Kathy Gardiner

  • Anonymous

    #31 is just really beautiful!! She is the best looking one on this entire site!

  • Anonymous

    #17 Charlotte Herbert

  • Edgar
  • zz8t

    #7 was a smoke on not to long ago

  • Eric

    There are many reasons to go to jail. #3 is one of them.

  • guest

    # 21 is stephenie a canadian chivette

  • jerry

    #4 is monica rene she is a professional model

  • goldengekko1

    whoever the lucky guy that gets to go home with her each night #3 i envy the hell out of you shes perfect in so many ways

  • captmo9


  • Super Dave

    #28 Still looking ever since I took this picture! KCCO everyone. She's out there…

  • anonymous

    #15 Stephenie Merten

  • anonymous

    correction… #21 Stephenie Merten

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