‘The Little Rascals’ then and now (20 Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed

  • Griffin

    Could never tell if buckwheat was a boy or not 'til now.

    • D.E.C.

      Duh Buckwheat is a boy..he was in the he-man woman haters club

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509119927 Miles Greenberg

    #15 avenged sevenfold t shirt ahahahahaha what a douche

  • Anonymous

    Spanky works at Walmart

  • AstroZombies

    Not even joking here, but I woke up this morning overhearing an episode of Full House where Michelle was in a soap box race. It made me remember this film and think,"I wonder what happen to those kids from Little Rascals?"
    Weeeeeeeird moment 0_o

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1485290783 Marcus McConnell

    #12 #13 Was my next door neighbor for years. A real nice guy honestly. I must show him this!

  • cool cool

    haha i took a trip with my buddy a couple years back to hang with some girls, and somehow we ended up at darla's house, everyone was playing beer pong and getting wasted unfortunately i didn't get to meet her though

  • mike

    Darla is Brittany Holmes in real life find her!!!

  • Tim

    Ha! Wa-Mart!

  • ashley

    Thats bull…that is macaulay culkin…none of these are the real actors, just look alikes

  • yeahyeah

    Darla is not attractive what so ever, she looks like a porker, u guys must be blind

  • b money

    i wonder if thats really them

  • LaneGainey

    #11 MOAR Darla….Find Her!

  • Raab

    I thought Buckwheat was a girl….

  • https://www.facebook.com/Marla.R.Smith Marla Smith

    the little rascals not so little anymore

  • twig

    Why would you guys think buckwheat was a girl when he’s part of the he man women haters club -___- like really

    • Jack Meyhoff

      In the original "Rascals" T.V. series, Buckwheat was a girl.

  • blah.blah.blah

    They are so grown up now , I was just watching this nd was wondering what they look like now .. and why would you people think buckwheat was a girl I mean think ………. He was part of the ” he man women haters club” o_O

  • http://yahoo.com >>>Mikia

    Sum are ugly on both….But most of dem ain’t that bad .

  • godisanastronaut

    uh huh went to my highschool, kid was a douche.

  • Xander

    Any other geezers think that this would be about the –real– Little Rascals and there'd just be a bunch of coffins?

  • etcrr

    the original series was hysterical and I loved that one

  • awnie

    Stupid … just cause he has hair don’t mean he looks like a female .. clearly all of are idiots

  • awnie

    Stupid … just cause he has hair don’t mean he looks like a female .. clearly all of y’all are idiots

  • lexie

    ooh snap there u go alfalfa 🙂

  • haterprincess

    D arla we see ya now put some clothes on now uh huh is so cute porky ur giting their spanky wal mart is giting u money who care bout them haters alfalfa oh yes waldo u look like u shood b a male model butch ilk ur ugly stymie nasty I hate u now buckwheat u cood do better I like u more when u where little

  • BBYG33.


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