‘The Little Rascals’ then and now (20 Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed

  • BBYG33

    Darla is so BOMB ! Id tap that 😉

  • paola c…

    omg yall they look very diffrent i didnt ever recognice them i loved uh hu he was so cute nd adorable nd well i guess he still is:D :*

  • staci

    stymie was such a cute kid, and hellloooo grown up stymie!!! dwam

  • Jessica

    How horrible are all these people leaving comments here?!? These people were so talented as kids, I can only imagine what they are capable of now, regardless of their careers. I watched this movie for the millionth time tonight and seeing that I work in a popular little restaurant in studio city, which frequents celebs, I can now identify them and hopefully praise them for their talent and the joy I have had over the years watching this movie. I feel sorry for these people making such hurtful remarks. You should know, you're your own worst critic. I can only imagine what you think (don't think) of yourself! Sheesh.

  • Dakota

    Olsen Twins????

  • gabriella

    Porkys cute spankys a hottie everyone else is ok i guess

  • Morgan

    #11 o wowee

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