• Goddamn

    She needs a longer pole 😉

  • Best Pole Dance Ever - Blowout Cards Forums

    […] can beat that with this video Sexy pole dancing totally deserves to be called art : theCHIVE __________________ Currently collecting Matt Harvey Dillon Maples USA […]

  • Anonymous

    I love this woman she needs to teach every woman out there how to do this seriously

  • Anonymous

    Holy shiznet…play on the big screen and ENJOY..!!!

  • treneuf



    I have no words… I have absolutely no words…

  • Anonymous

    That was fanfuckintastic!

  • Max

    F*ing awesome. Any idea whe she is?

  • Fabi

    Chive please find her or give her a job to post anything she finds interesting on the chive.

  • Uncle SAMs misguided child

    Hey where did you get this video, and what’s the song called/ who’s the artist?

  • Swedish Chiver

    Her channel on youtube! (I think?)
    Her name is Leila

  • Anonymous

    Just youtube pole dancing championship and you’ll find that this womans skills are mediocre

  • jacob

    4:42 …sweet jesus

  • vanessa

    DAMN!! she is amazing!!
    i got turned on… and i am a girl.

  • tank (@Tankc83)

    Omg this is hot

  • Ken

    Check this pole dancing vid…

    The showcase of the STARS
    Jenyne Butterfly
    "Pole Pressure" 2011

  • Anonymous

    Where is the repeat button?

  • Anonymous

    For those of you who want to know the song its MASSIVE ATTACK-PARADISE CIRCUS (ZEDS DEAD REMIX) chive on

  • Garen

    where does she work?

  • Joeboo

    I challenge anyone on this site to walk ten feet in those shoes, (and submit video) let alone what this fine young lass manages.

  • Anonymous

    Chive plz find her n tell us more about her

  • Anonymous

    Chive plz give us a section where we can download the movies

  • Dag

    i cant stop looking at her shoes………………

  • tpond

    DAMN!!!! it don't get know better than this perfect body and i guess this is how she got it, ladies take note

  • Matt

    I’d like to see her do all over again with no clothes on ;).

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