Black is Beautiful (36 Photos)

  • chiver

    great post chive……..and all the gay racist people who post those awful comments, could go eat horse shit . FREAKS!!! haha

  • 6,10answer hot but36 was a Round house kick to the ding ding so hot


  • Mavi… #4 Definitely it!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Mike

    Bad ass post.

  • Anonymous

    Good about time

  • bless1


  • Anonymous

    Awesome, thank you chive. Lovin’ the diversity!

  • Anonymous

    38 year old white guy says this is a hot post. #2 , 10, 11, 34

  • SuperSaiyan

    Somebody find me #10!!!

    • Kiron

      I want one too

    • Binx

      Kandyse McClure

      • SuperSaiyan

        Good call, thanks Binx

      • TTT

        I ❤ u Binx.

  • ED Vickers

    OMG! Thanks CHIVE! Now I can stay calm and continue with my work day.

  • BuryMeSmilin

    we NEEDED this Chive! Thank You!! Now we need a Latino one!!

    And im still waiting on my “Sexy Stomaches” post…….

  • Anonymous

    Jungle fever like a motherlover…

  • misschris

    #8 The black Mila Kunis? I guess you can never have too many.. 🙂

    • Doobsy

      FeFe Dobson, Canadian Recording Artist.
      She's a smoke show!

  • shaban

    them black bitches stink….

  • wile_coyote7

    I don't know why, but #5 #23 and #28 do it for me.

    Thanks Chive!!

  • Craigery

    #36 We have a winner!
    #19 I think that's a dude.

  • Dave

    #34 Stacy always FTW. #15 and #30 should send in moar pics, would love to see moar of them. Great post.

  • baxter

    I tihnk it's funny how the Chive finally put up a blog about this, and is clearly patronizing with this "black is beautiul" yet you have a site making fun of asians.

    Seriously Chive, you aren't racist, you have black friends. Worst site ever

    • Craigery

      If it's the worst site ever, why do you keep coming here?

      • baxter

        to mess with you craigery

  • Falthor

    Please MOAR. when you do a search of hot women, boobs, ass, legs, or anything like that on Google or any other search engine you get about 80% white, 15% Asian, and then maybe one or two from other denominations (don't quote me on that). Variety is the spice of life, and I think all women can be sexy.

  • kenny

    This is not calming me down. Like

  • john

    Hey remember when chive had a site called "it's too rong since we poked fun of asians." Then there was some backlash, then they made fun of South Korea, and to pretend they aren't racist they ahve this post.

    F U CHIVE.

    • this guy

      welll. they do clearly make fun of 'Mericuhh too.theres a whole post on how stupid we what are you bitching about?

  • stephen

    "black is beautiful" just call it beautiful.

    Racist chive once again

  • Beluga

    #24 & #33 my favorites

  • girl

    I promise you none of the Chive staff think these women are beautiful, they are just pandering to pretend they aren't racist.

    • yepp

      maybe so… but atleast they attempted to please their widening fanbase.
      its just business.

      • CashPenny

        Just because someone isn't attracted to black girls doesn't mean they are racist.

  • Randy

    I fucking love this post! Thanks for this Chive!

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