Black is Beautiful (36 Photos)

  • Craigery

    Props to The Chive for recognizing black beauty, but it would be nice if these women were simply included in all the regular postings of hotties instead of segregating them.

    • Frank

      Segregating photo's…… Hmmmmm Okay.

  • girl

    Chive is racist once again

  • ACLU

    Chive pretending not to be racist with this post. We see through it

  • anferny

    #36 asstastic!! hahaha

  • ACLU

    Great pictures, but unnecessary label Chive. Why are you trying to fool us and pretend youarent racist when you clearly hate asians

  • band

    chive = racist

  • mipo2010

    Where is Gabrielle Union??? And Stacey Dash lookin this good at 45 should be illegal!! #34

  • racist

    finally chive puts a post with african american women, after about 1000000 ones iwth just white chicks

    racist chive

  • Sam

    #43 is my husbands crush…. damn it!

  • Sam


  • Anthony

    #5 That is so smoking HOT

  • Call it dark in here

    I seen all these bitches on Backpage under escorts.

  • baxter

    chive racst


    Where all da white women at?

  • http://H Rick

    All we need now is “Hispanic Is Gorgeous”

    • The Chive

      We will, "Hispanic Is Gorgeous" will be posted along with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy..

  • Carlos

    These photos are so modest in comparison to other posts.

  • Kim

    #20 #36 wow yesss!

  • Arvid.

    22 Perfection. Possible new weekly post, Chive? Thanks, again.

    • DONE

      If it is im done with this site

  • Rob

    #2 Rochelle Aytes is wicked hot.

  • jamie

    yes it is 🙂

  • goober

    Good job chive!

  • Alex Clarke

    There are so many gorgeous black girls, I asked one out once but said no because I was white and her father wouldn't approve 😦

    • MILO

      No such thing as a gorgeous black girl

  • laelow

    Oh, sweet Baby Jeeeezzzzus!

    #34 Stacey FTW, she does need her own gallery!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you chive, it’s not racist and its awesome that even though you caught slack last time you did it again. If you don’t want to look then just simply CLICK OFF THE PAGE… It’s very easy.

  • justaguy

    #4 #30 Black ducks!

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