Black is Beautiful (36 Photos)

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  • Big G

    #33…I love her..

  • Anonymous

    #8 looks like a darker mila kunis to me. Moar please 🙂


    we need a black FLBP post! STAT!

  • Anonymous

    This should be a weekly post!!!!!!!

  • torainca

    #11 Adorable !1

  • Doobsy

    Awesome Tatts and a bangin ASS!!! WOW

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Great post, awful lotta duckfaces though.

  • Anonymous


    I’m loving this post!!

  • George

    Fuckin Monday's

  • TTT

    eh wtf chive pic's are all same woman…

  • WTF

    Why do I all of a sudden want chocolate milk?

  • caferacer

    Impressed in your ways of the ebony I am.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry chive. Not a rasist, just not a fan. No more

  • Packers1

    #11 is Montana Fishbourne, Laurence Fishbourne's daughter, and pornstar. Let the hilarity ensue. Youre welcome.

  • grrregg

    #2 Absolutely gorgeous.

  • wanderingeye

    #20 #34 #36 Oh my gawd!! So glad to be a man!

  • AllanA

    #8 Fefe Dobson, she went to my old high school in Toronto

  • TylerV

    MOAR! There should be more of these pics sprinkled in the DAR/Hump Day/Mind the Gap/Burn your bra/etc…

  • Bob

    #3, #11, #17, #18, #36…All of these girls are gorgeous, Black girls just got it, but these are my favorites, and dear lord, FIND 36.

  • mn dude

    Jada smith can fall off the earth as far as I’m concerned. The others are fantastic

  • Big_E

    #18 I want you!

  • Anonymous

    …oh lawrdy

  • Anonnymoose

    #10 made me say wow. She is amazing!!

  • Kyle White

    Someone find #36!!!! Good Lord.

  • rick ross


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