Black is Beautiful (36 Photos)

  • tLoko420

    Excellent post guys…please bless us with pics of Lauren London and Paula Patton next time around. Keep up the great work! Stay calm. And of course, Chive on!

  • Matt

    Can we have one of Indian/Middle Eastern Chivettes?

  • @panamex512

    OH MY… #36

  • jetsethi

    Keep it coming!

  • Anonymous

    36 is nice

  • Anonymous

    #17 looks like the girl from ghetto dreams video

  • yep yep yep

    haha "Well fuck you then no more black chicks for you"-The chive
    which is probably what theyre saying now,after everyone bitching about racism.



  • SirMandokarla

    #7 #23 Wow. Simply wow. They're just so beautiful, yet I feel like I could meet them. This is why I love theChive.

  • awful

    this site is a disgrace. The chive likes to make fun of other minorities, puts pictures of whites only, and then puts this post up to quell the damage. Hey Chive, I have a Latino friend, should I just go parading aroundsaying, latinos rock, and pretend it's not racist?

    • thomas jackson

      You’re an idiot…. it’s feeble minds like you That just can’t leave shit alone and have to make mountains out of mole hills. If you dont like it. Then take your stupid narrow minded ass somewhere else you fuck.

  • IceColdBuddha

    #36 is Misty Stone (porn star)

    #8 Love Fefe Dobson

    #34 Stacey Dash should have her own gallery……every week!

  • ron

    more black butts!!!

  • Farlok72

    MOAR… 8, 18 and 36…. NOW…!!!!

  • mk

    I’m in love

  • gflo917

    #11, #34 and #36… WOW… gotta love those curves… all….. day….. long…… O_O

  • Ishouldnot Belooking

    #2, #22, #23 love em! I can be just as shallow towards women of all races!

  • Justin D.

    #11 Poor Larry Fishburne. His daughter's a slut. Also #18 and #36 are sexy as hell.

  • Brian

    Why do black women have a separate post?


  • Aaron

    #4 #5 #11 and #29 ….and obviously #36 – just …awesome….

  • Jesse L. Parks IV

    #14 #21 #25 Nice!

  • D_Drogo

    So does this mean TheBerry is goin to do a 'black men' post? cause i want in!

  • CaracasChiver

    #36 Find her!!!

  • GeBee

    This is why I love TheChive I'm a British girl and I'm mixed, my mum is white and my dad is black. Most websites like this being runned by American's have some pretty vile comments about black people, I started to resent America because of what I was reading and I love America! I'm proud of both sides of my family because no matter what race you are, its the way you act that reflects your life not the colour of your skin and when I saw this post I knew as Chivers there would be a lot said! But whether people like it or not, reading the comments of what people think has given me hope in America again! Chive & Chivers you fucking rock! . . . . . And Redheads or Asian is my fave ; ) Chive on!

  • moar boar


    And… #12 #15 #24 #34

  • RichG.inIN

    All of these women are absolutely beautiful. Excellent post and pic selection Chive. I want to see a whole lot more of these ladies.

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