• MrSereno

    Loser feeds the tentacle…..

  • NateEzra222

    But can they put make up on a bear

  • joshua

    gay but still not as gay as twilight…

  • Active_hunter

    Hong Kong is in Japan?? Really? I thought it was further west then that. Like in China….

    • vvv

      Heard of a plane?

      • Active_hunter

        Reary, they did this on a plane? Heck of a new mile high club.

  • Anonymous

    someone's been playing dance dance lately..

  • TTT

    arrrh pokemon vid ery funni

  • Jason

    thats crazy stuff

  • Wind

    hong kong is in china …not japan

    • Anonymous

      It’s a “World Championship” held IN China.

    • vvv

      so is your mother

  • Lisa

    Let's hope they don't start using their powers for evil

  • Zerolegacy

    First of all what sports to the Japanese play. I’ve never seen a cheer team at the race track

  • jack's basket toss

    flawless vicotry

  • Brian

    How are those girls still alive? I mean, to practice enough to be able to nail it in one try…a few of them had to have been taken to the hospital at least…

  • Tommy


  • nerocity

    For a second I thought they were going to combine and turn into Voltron and save the f-ing universe.

  • mike

    Yeah, I would say these girls are Chinese. Hong Kong = China…hmm just a guess.

    • vvv

      The big banner they brought out behind saying "JAPAN" was a clue..

  • Anonymous

    They raised a banner that said Japan. You know the Japanese are allowed to leave the country right?

  • Karolis

    -it’s gonna be 300 chicks!
    -who wants it as much as we do…
    -and are way better then us!
    -screw football we’re going to cheer camp!

  • cbbreaker

    Looks like some people didn't notice the rather large banner that says Japan being raised.

  • Juice

    When do the tentacles come out?

  • TheJesus

    whatever the hell you call it they were doing at the 1:40 mark was pretty damn cool.

  • Ryon

    I'm having a hard time noticing the difference between this and all the other cheerleading and gymnastic competitions that I jerk off to. Someone care to explain?

  • FoDr

    japan chive……….. the board says Hong Kong that's China

    • foDr.

      lol then the flag opens japan fu..k

  • dandude

    That was actually pretty normal. Nothing really spectacular going on here.

  • Larry

    LOL find her bullshit is to rich, any why they are good.

  • http://Thechive.com Fabi

    Bring it on part 5 “Tokyo drift”

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