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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572282300 Oyo Garcia

    this isn't JAPAN. reading fail. its HONGKONG. and its located in CHINA!

    • vvv

      Its the japanese team performing in hong kong. Hence the huge "JAPAN" banner. Watching fail from you

    • Anonymous

      Your an idiot. They are from Japan so it is considered cheerleading in Japan…..you have the reading fail

  • pppllllll

    The absolute worst thing about the the chive is the people who post.

  • Sirgallahad

    First they hit Pearl Harbor…

    Then they take over home electronics…

    NOW they take over cheer-leading.

    When does it END???

    • vvv

      what a dickhead thing to say

  • Anonymous

    Maarooonnnss! If you watch the video they hold up a huge “Japan” sign…. Don’t like the posters, don’t come back. Chive on.

  • TonyM

    That is damn awesome.

  • anonymous

    as holes get your shit right japan doesnt lock up its on people yeh fuck tards that communism china not democracy japan american idiot

  • Hong Kong Fui

    Hong Kong is not Japan….by the way.

  • feltsy05

    Three of my local massage therapists were in that routine. Good job ladies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/PandaMonya Samantha Piccolo

    So confused! I can't keep track of which is which 😦

  • jsin84

    these are the ninjas that didn't make the cut thus can still be seen thus can still kill you… just sayin'

  • SexyPoulet

    Now that is a sport i can get behind

  • vvv

    Japan != Thailand

  • ESPNdoll


  • Anonymous

    Um, based on the big words painted on the wall, it’s in Hong Kong. This video’s title like saying Washington DC is in Canada

    • Anonymous

      The team is from Japan you idiot.

  • anon

    i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going….

  • sass

    if anyone's seen any of those make up transformation videos on youtube…you'd know that they are probably all dudes

  • Kiloweed

    BROKEN 😦

  • Chelsea

    Forget Japan, American Cheerleaders do it even better (and look hotter). Any Div. 1 competitive college team or level 5 all star team is probably even better than this. "Top Gun Allstars", youtube that shit and be amazed.

  • rambo

    how does a parent pick out their child in this hoopla?

  • DC22

    that was freaking intense. we can't do that here in the states, girls here are either busy sucking dicks, or having babies!

  • My.Opinion

    People, its not asians fault that their smarter than most people, so stop hating :/ i’d like to see yu guys do better. Btw most girls look ugly or weird without make up on idiots, its not just the asians. Look at all those american stars and sluts :/

  • sam

    porcelain black in the background 😀

  • etcrr

    In the words of FatBastard "Oh this is Magical"

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