Danny McBride, the poor man’s Shakespeare (24 Photos)

  • mark filler

    #22, #23

    I laughed harder than I 'prolly should

    • schmielllssson

      No it is just really funny

  • bypass


    words to live by

  • Rusty

    Kenny Fuckin' Powers, fuckin' people up with truth since 2009.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    The KSwiss ads are epic, "I'm fuckin in, and you're fuckin out, now get the fuck outta my chair."

  • Leonel_LyL

    Hahahah. I never knew this bloke's name! 😛 Now I do, thanks Chive.

  • etcrr

    #15 perfect

  • http://renounceapprehension.blogspot.com/ MrRushing

    #3 – Classic

  • troll

    the guy rules

  • Thomas

    beautiful post.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #13 realitys cold hard truth

  • R2GFan

    #15 I'm going to use this when I quit my job.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #9 Enough said

  • sshuggi

    #14 The greatest.

  • SirPig

    chive, you forgot…"Its not like teaching kids Clegg, I can't get fucked up"

  • Joey

    Really? I thought bringing my little brother along for his first tag-team was a cool thing to do, rite-of-passage and all…#1

  • bmw11585

    Hahaha… #13 #15 #24

  • Pedobear

    This is some of the funniest shit I've heard in a long time. Can't wait for the new season of Eastbound and Down!

  • xaqdank

    Funniest post in a while…how about a Danny Mcbride shirt? Beats the hell out of all the other choices.

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    #14 Well as long as you dont get those two mixed up

  • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

    Danny McBride has become one of my favorite actors, everything he's in is bound to have at least 5 one-liners!!

    You're Fuckin Out!

  • Igor Duckman

    WTF is this shit? This is what passes as "funny" nowadays? Continuing the proud tradition of Pauly Shore, Tom Green and Adam Sandler?

    • DrLeppiwinks

      Pauly Shore?? Tom Green was funny for about 3 mintues, and Adam Sandler hasnt made an actual funny movie since Happy Gilmore. Have you seen the previews for Jack & Jill? All he did was copy Eddie Murphy, who also used to be funny, before he also tried to make family stuff, instead of awesome things like Eddie Murphy Raw.

    • Mason420

      Let me think about that for a second. Ok, I've thought about it and I think my answer to that question would have to be "fuck you". I don't care if you wake up in a ditch with grown men shitting on you and jumping on top of your head. Maybe your nose will turn into a big ole dick and you can stroke that all the time. I hope your hair turns into dog shit one day. You wake up and you run your comb through it and all that it is, is little trundles of dog shit. The worst shit that you could imagine. AIDS… it's cool. Everything comes around sweetheart.

      • bumble

        that was pry a bit over the top. Its time for PE class you dumb fuck

    • mattastic

      you are a dickless, brainless, humorless piece of moronic shit if you think this is anything like Tom Green, Adam Sandler or Pauly Shore. Why don't you go watch the Graham Norton Show or listen to Bill Maher bitch and moan since that is probably your idea of funny. In fact, just go shoot yourself in the cock repeatedly with a paintball gun since you hate funny things soo much. at least I would laugh at you instead of hating you.

    • jt the moneyholic


  • lalexgeorge


  • Will

    This guy is so overrated. Since when did slapstick humor and a few "fucks" become funny again? I thought this wasn't 1998 anymore…

    • tLoko420

      But I'm sure that you saw every one of his movies…if not at least 3 of 'em!

    • Dakota

      grow a pair and laugh Will, i know you can do it

      • Will

        Awesome comment dakota. Why don't you go back to being irrelevant.

        • Julia

          When were you put in charge of determining who is and is not relevant? If Dakota's not relevant, neither are you. Neither am I. But you still felt at liberty to post your irrelevant opinion here. As did I. Oh, I get it. If it's an opinion that doesn't agree with yours, then it's irrelevent. That's mature. Last time I checked, Danny McBride makes a lot of money and has a huge following, how about you Will? Do you make as much money as Mr. McBride? Do you have as many fans as he does, even with his slapstick humor which you clearly do not understand? In closing, Will, prepare to shut the fuck up.

    • Doug

      Ha, well put. I don't enjoy his movies, or at least his part in them.

    • CzarCzarBinks

      Did fate slap you in the face with its huge cock?

  • Texasboii1988

    Before you say anything…prepare to shut the fuck up!

  • Lester Diamond

    Danny mcbride aka Kenny powers rules……..fuck pauly shore and his daisy dukes!!

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