Danny McBride, the poor man’s Shakespeare (24 Photos)

  • SolidusSnake420

    This is a real job, its not like teachin kids, you can't get fucked up – Kenny FUCKING Powers

  • Jp

    You have clothes like a dick head.

  • Anonymous

    “who would of thought you could bottle the smell of boner” Kenny Powers K Swiss CEO

  • Anonymous

    Kenny fucking powers. If I were a chic id suck your cock. Im just saying

  • BLS

    G- "Is it true you went to jail" KP- "
    No babe, rehab – I hurt my nose… "

  • BabyMistakes

    "That's the only reason I even go down there anymore. For that sweet and awesome cherry ass. That's awesome."
    -Bustass http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/1mr6

  • freddie mac

    #19 Someone change that from "wads" to "wives". Thanks!

    • Sevierience

      WOW! I thought I was the only one that caught that one!

  • Commando00

    Thanks CHIVE!!……..definately made my Monday suck a lot less after reading this post LOL


  • dave

    My favorite Kenny Powers' quote is "She may have all the ass magic in Mexico but there's nothing I love more than a big 'ol pair of American titties."

  • Dude8

    How about "Closin' time, time to head to Chili's…and chow down with my fuckin' boyz! "

  • Oddie Monsta

    #6 didn’t he say “creatine”

    • Yup

      Nope. I've seen that movie many, many times. It's green tea.

  • Nu

    Its not monday u fkn mook

  • Kyle

    East Bown and Down is filmed here in my home town wilmington, and I have seen Danny McBride many times around town…..needless to say he loves the bars

  • It's420Somewhere

    I don't get it. Or care to.

  • captiandropkick

    hot rod is the greatest movie ever

  • Bill

    Kenny Fucking Powers is the man!!!!

  • Brittany

    Love this post

  • J cash

    Thug life..

  • Johnny flame

    I go to church every goddamn sunday, u gonna bring the demonds out of me!!

  • Albert Einstein

    Utterly brilliant post. Thank you, Chive. Lest there be any doubt, Kenny as K-Swiss CEO should NOT be missed.

  • Anonymous

    “… You named your daughter after fucking titanic?… Haha, you gotta be fucking kidding me; how do you call this one, Shrek?”

  • warouvish

    Danny fucking McBride. What an awesome post. I LOLed allover my self. Haven’t laughed like that since I was a little girl.

  • 6655321

    Anything from season 1 & 2 could have been on here.

  • Ashley

    Love that scene!!! But the quote is wrong! Wizard's wives**

  • thesauceboss

    – Danny McBride is the man!

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