Finally, a apocalypse-proof house exists (17 Photos)


  • Bill

    I’ll take it. Where do I sign?

  • Batttmaan

    Not really, cause if the plates/ earths crust shifts – what happends then or literally 2012 the movie lol

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  • erik

    This is an two hours north of Albany NY by car plus a multi hour hike through the high peaks. Walked by it a few years ago on a 3 day hike.

  • basic

    I bet it was built for Y2K… hehehe…

  • iskra9

    .. AN apocalypse proof house —

  • fatcatt

    Its in the fall..yes thats what the Adironddacks look like

  • baker7

    i want this fucking place!!!!

  • Galen

    Under ground rave layer!!!!! Damn imagine the grow house you could operate out of there. I hope who ever bought that house has plans to deck out that 9 story tower.

  • fatcatt

    Wow..Ive lived in the Adirondacks for 40 yrs. and never heard of this place..It looks like it..Either fall or early spring..I gotta find out where this is. But yes alot of millionares live in the park..well not live..2nd homes the way these mountains are just as hard or harder than the Rockies. Thats why not much was built here by the hard..But no floods, at least nothing beside a flooded basement on occasion, no tornados or hurricanes and very few quakes..and 0 crime!

  • maxgreen2015

    All I got is a 10×6 hole in the ground of my garage with a plank of wood as a chair…

  • Oscar Cornejo

    #17 Perfect spot for Freddy Krueger to spawn xD

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice and all, but judging by #3 this view, if you’re overrun, you’re pretty much screwed when you run out of supplies.

  • Buce

    This is what paranoia looks like when it has a massive budget.

  • etcrr

    #2, get in no time to explain

  • etcrr

    good luck with that, It's a white Elephant till the shit hits the fan.

  • Colonel Mustard

    We're re-entering the Hive. I want to know what went on down there.

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