Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (30 Photos)

  • ....

    #4 its a herpe sandwich

    • the fapper

      who is the left one? tara reid?

      writing this with my left hand in my pants^^

      • chrisdg74

        I think it's Rod Stewart's daughter.

      • Jenchi

        That's her sister, Nicky Hilton. Keeping it in the family!

        • JOHN

          I would get down with nicky

          • qwert

            yeah, at least nicky doesnt have all those aids in her… paris' got all of the aids, all of them

            • itis

              lol. people dying by contracting a terminal illness that slowly kills them(as well as making them lose their hair, go blind, and develop tumors on their face) is HILARIOUS! LMFAO!

        • Not The Sister

          Nope, Britney Spears.

    • Dumb Cunt

      I think we are dealing with more than just the herp

    • eh.

      You all know you would with either of them.

      • Common Sense

        No. I really wouldn't.

  • chetvik

    dear diary jackpot

    • Wet_tosti

      These two will only leave you bankrupt!

      • Lulatsch

        doesn't matter had sex!

        • Benny

          Doesn't matter? You want to catch every STD known to man?

          • Lulatsch

            just as I said:
            doesn't matter had sex!

            • Tommy

              Banana Bread!

            • The Chivery

              Congratulations. You had two chances to be original, and you failed. You're a true Chiver. Follow it up with a "cool story bro" and you might even be promoted to John's personal cum-catcher.

              Chive on!

    • itis

      i mainly thumbed you down for the lame-ass overused quote.

    • Chogme6

      Dear Diary,

      Jackpoooo ahhhh wait, that's paris hilton. Fuck this, i'm out!

  • Wet_tosti

    #18 play nice, no teeth.

  • Lars

    Awesome !

  • blub_glub

    #1 Bulimia: you're doing it wrong ..

  • jpp407

    #28 Nope.

    • aims

      only one i "hell yer'd" to!!

    • JOHN

      El vomito

    • AGM

      you pussy. if it were called a "fried calamari-cicle" you would be all over it. Looks amazing.

    • asdf

      calamari is delicious!!!

    • Dave

      i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going

  • @Sanja_Knez

    #15 Two Wongs don't make a Wright

    • Anon

      haha very well done.

    • Big_Curt

      i bet u said wobert wight reading the last one cuz i no i did

    • Paula_

      But two Wrights make an airplane!


      • @Sanja_Knez

  • MattKL

    #18 Easy with the teeth!

    #23 I have a few ideas…

  • Rollout25

    #18 took advice from #17

  • I Wanted to write a whitte comment on #23 but now I'm confused by the layout of the comment section, so ill just brag about this what I will post in all of the boxes, just to be sure that it'll be posted!

    I wanted to write a whitty comment, that nobody would have thought about on #23 but now I’m confused by the layout of the comment section, so ill just brag about this what I will post in all of the boxes, just to be sure that it’ll be posted!

  • Jay T

    Damn, she's a squirter!

    • etcrr

      great comment, I laughed so hard

    • Armedand Dangerous

      When you find a squirter, marry that woman.

    • Si1entStatic

      her street name Old Faithful isn't just for show.

  • yo mom


    • Maynard B.

      Um…no…11th, loser.

  • Lance Nyffeler

    chive i will tattoo "keep calm and chive on" on my back if you can find me and get me a date with #18

    • Anon

      you need them to find you also?

      • Lance Nyffeler

        sometimes it seems like it.

    • Dapper_Dave

      Why….you already know she uses too much teeth

      • Mike

        you pussies who don't like the teeth are pussies…no pain, no pleasure…

    • Nickincollege

      you won't…. You won't do it!

      • spade87

        wouldnt be the first random tat i have so why not, plus i love the site, plus i want her!

  • sllimcat

    #22 #18
    Fine! very very "Fine" ………………

  • Bogdan Gavriloaia

    #25 I burst with laughter!!!

    • Anti-Joke Chicken

      Nope. Scary Movie 2.

      • Marc-Olivier Lalonde

        The GIF wasn't asking if it's from Paranormal Activity, it was wondering if it's considered a paranormal activity.

        • Timothy Wilkes

          Paranormal Dicktivity

          • itis

            putting "dick" instead of "ac" isn't clever. or funny. my 10 year old nephew would think that's lame.

  • sllimcat

    i meant #23

  • Pokepoke

    #19 DY-NO-MITE

  • moniesLOL

    #23 marry me

  • etcrr

    Mom taught you, wright from wong

    • itis

      fuck off, Stan.

  • RC-bit

    #23 moar

  • etcrr

    #1 #28 not a chance in hell!

  • culpjp

    #7 So that's what you meant when you asked me if I liked watersports.

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #14 O.o

  • Nick H

    #27 Yes my home town again!! Love Plymouth!

    • Suicidalllama

      Mine Too 😀

      • andysniper

        NO WAI! same here.

  • Dufius

    #6. Look honey! The kid is drinking from the bidet! Let's take a picture… keep going son.
    LoL… we rock at parenting…

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