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  • chuck

    what a dick

    • texasaggie2005

      Tips are not mandatory. Good waiter=good tip. Bad waiter=bad tip. Not rocket science.

      • Cypress Alien

        Agreed. Tip science weeds out the shitty waiters.

      • User5778

        No, some people are just dicks and don't tip anyway. I had a friend like that and it pissed me off every time he left a bad tip (if he even left one). Servers get paid less than minimum wage because the state assumes they'll be making that up with tips (in some states). You're probably the type that looks for any reason not to tip. Douche.

        • asdf

          very true… #18 knows whats up

      • Black6dog

        Except for there are a lot of people who are just dicks at tipping. Waiters can be legally paid less than minimum wage and some people are tight wads; so only if the waiter is notably terrible should you not tip. %15 percent should be a waiter's 0% tip. No I've never waited tables so I'm not biased; I have worked with them so I know how much that sucks.

        • asdf

          Also keep in mind waiters have to "tip out." So if you leave a shitty tip, or no tip the waiter actually looses money. Where I worked, we had to tip out 5% of our total sales to food runners, bus boys, and the bartenders regardless how good or bad of a job they did. So even though it would only be 50cents, I would have to pay the restaurant for the honor of serving this fuckface. There's also the implicit cost of that person taking up your table, so no other money can be made. I have to pay 5 five bucks out of my pocket, because someone sat at my table to 2 hours and stiffed me. So actually I'm losing about 25 bucks.

          Tip your waiter

      • Kskeem87

        Or it just a stupid nigger that thinks they don’t have to tip. I wait tables and average 20% or more, I have been waiting tables and bartending for the past 6 years and I know I give good service, hints averaging 20%. But blacks and people from the middle east don’t know how to tip or are just fuckinng rude.people that think they don’t have to tip. If u go out to Eat you are expected to tip, so if you can’t afford to tip the appropriate amount, 20%=good service, 15%=average service, and 10%= bad service. So if u cant afford that go to fuckinng McDonald’s or Church’s Chicken where your.broke rude ass doeant have to tip and the workers get paid hourly. Thank you.

        • asdf

          TRUTH, I'm guessing these anti-tippers have never spent a day waiting tables.

        • sandi

          Nice language. maybe these folks can see or sense the racism coming from you and figure fuck this racist prick I ain't tipping him nothing

        • Dirk Diggler

          why the hell would you get 105 for bad service? If I have bad service, I leave a few coins. $0.00 says to cheap to tip. $0.25 says you suck at your job. bad service does not get a 10% tip. If the service is good I will tip 20-25%, but if you can't even keep my drink full, don't expect much.

          • sadman

            Add onto that list of shitty service, times when the waiter/waitress is chatting it up with her friends for half an hour while you sit and wait for her to bring you a bill. Or how about when your waitress takes her lunch break after you order and doesn't bother to tell anyone to cover her table. I leave tips between 50% and $0.02, my largest tip being about $75 (50%). If my server takes care of me then I will take care of them.

      • Dave Ferrer

        They are not mandatory and some staff my be assholes or very immature…
        I am not a cheap tipper because when you go out to eat you MUST understand tip is part of the whole service, however I went to eat to Chilli's in Albuquerque New Mexico, exactly by Menaul and Louisiana ( and I say where exactly, to warn people) and I went to eat with my cousin, from the beginning we said we wanted separate bills… We were there more to talk than to eat, so my bill came to be like 17 and some change,.. I left a tip of 15 dlls because the service was Ok… a few days after, I was checking my bank account online and I saw a charge for 25 dlls… when it went through, I realized it was the tip… they also altered my cousin's tip… that was a dick move

    • Citizen_X

      Maybe the customer left a cash tip.

    • Gob

      Maybe they were a shitty server.

      • joeshcmo

        unless he smacked them in the face with his cock, its not ok to leave no tip

    • Craigery

      Maybe it was a take-out order, or they left the tip in cash. There are many reasons they may not have included a tip on the credit card receipt.

      • Kskeem87

        Even take out orders should be.tipped, who do you think put your food together and takes the time out of what they are doing to get your stuff for you, the person you pay when u pick your food up, now you don’t need to tip 20% bc they aren’t taking care of you hand in foot like a server is but they still deserve a 10% tip minimum. people are just ignorant and rude.

        • Not a fan

          Your shittin me, right

        • Slappy

          I don't tip the people at McDonalds or the grocery store, why the hell should I tip everyone who takes my money for a product? Not everything is tip-worthy. I give the order, you take the cash. No tip required. If you serve me at a table, damn right I'll tip. If you drive to my house to deliver, hell yes, I'll tip. But not just because you ran the register.

        • TIG ol BITTIES

          that is retarded if you tip take out orders unless its something like curb side where someone brings it to your car then you throw them a few bones but if you're going in and picking it up yourself why are you tipping? You don't tip the people at McDonalds when they give you your food. That is part of their job.

        • Irish2Ice


    • bobby

      Just because there is a tip line doesn't mean they are a waiter. Most "restaurants" have a tip line – even if they are a counter service restaurant. I don' t believe you should have to tip if you order at the counter and pick-up at the counter. Tip lines on receipts in this cases really piss me off.

    • Mrs. Haney

      Alot of times I do this as well, because i'm leaving a cash tip, and well.. people can be shady sometimes.

    • Office Max

      It's a $10.85 bill. They're missing out on a $1.50 – $2.00 tip. Cry about it.

      • poopy

        actually, they are losing about $.50 if they have to tip out, plus what they could have made if that table was available for other customers.

        • Slappy

          You assume it's a table and not just someone at a register.

        • sadman

          You also assume that the different customer would get better service from a bad server.

    • Joeyk

      I for one hate the whole tipping arrangment. First, I shouldnt feel obligated to tip a terrible waitor. Its the job youve chosen, if its that horrible or youre horrible at it, find another one. I tip 20% regularly but heres what gets me, if i order a burger one day and a premium cut steak that costs way more another time, why should the waitor bank off of me? 20% of the price of steak is obviously more than a burger. You brought the plate to my table, why should i pay you more simply because something more expensive is on it? You did the same amount of work. Id rather tip the chef. Not that its going to change anytime so here it is waitors: be attentive, be available, be pleasant and you'll get a good tip

      • Rob

        When did it become the customers job to supplement the wage of another businesses employees? Personally, I's rather be charged a couple of bucks more for the meal and not have to worry about tipping. Simpler for me, and the waiter gets a known paycheck every week. If it's not enough, he can find a better job or boss. I don't get tipped for fixing a computer. Like so many things, tipping started as a kindness, and now it's an entitlement.

        • the duke

          that's how it is in most countries, which is why foreignors are notoriously bad tippers. it's not their custom so they don't even realize they're supposed to

          • Bob

            Ever thought about trying to change your stupid system that makes you think tips are mandatory? If you get under paid, go where you get paid better. If it is the system that is screwing you, change the system. You people vote the law makers in so take some responsibility for their screw ups. Stop whining about not getting tips just because you think it is it is your 'right'. Fkn americans.

            • illmental

              Haha!!! I knew you weren't American the second you thought we could change the system! Every politician we have is a 2 faced scum bag that makes promises they either… couldn't or wouldn't.. keep once they're voted in!.. Stupid foreigners… you guy's watch to much of our television… The system is run by the system which is voted into the system by the system… f the man!

              • Bob

                LOL, that's why the American Republic will collapse sometime within the next 40 years. Good luck.

                • Burn it all

                  I think you meant 4 years…. keep electing idiots like obama and it could be even quicker

    • Dan

      I'll tip for good service no question about it. But if a waiter is bad, food comes out wrong, no refills, never checks in oris ugly, I refuse – the last one always ruins the tip

      • Dan's Brother

        How about when they turn away from you and spin to the left? Do I look like an Aussie? It also ruins my tip if I see them drinking; they should come to work hydrated.

    • Afghanistan2011

      Yes, I do this all the time. I leave ZERO on the credit card bill and I leave 20% or more in cash. There are very few here even considering that fact.

  • Dude


    • Snarf

      Snarf snarf

  • alexjn1

    #1 & #13 those jobs would suck

  • Reed


    • Squooshy

      here we go again a Chive themed discourse on the service industry. Here is the bottom line – your server gives you horrible service- you speak with the manager and don't duck out like a pussy. Your server gives you "average" service you tip 15% which is the "average" tip. Your server does an outfuckingstanding job you tip anything over 15% that you deem fits the outfuckingstanding nature of the job. This is truth , hold it to be self evident- if you're a cheap shit who doesn't tip your server- talk to the management, the fucks are on the floor like flies on shit. If your average- stay classy – you pay their bills . If your in the OUTFUCKINGSTANDING crowd- then urdoinitrite and keep that shit up- that's the only thing that will make pricks from column 1 actually take notice and tip up!

      Keep Calm- Serve ON – former server / server trainer / bartender / bar trainer / ASM / CSM /GM of a restaurant – these are the facts people learn them. live by them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SFUnder Kera Fyrm

    #1 remind me of something ~

    • the captain

      computer bukkake

    • Greg


    • Rob

      I've seen enough Hentia…

  • Grat


    • lonin


  • Wolfpack Steve

    #13 Oh shit…

  • The_Stif

    Butt plugs and anal beads.

    • Sleep_Salone

      etcrr's favorite snack.

      • The_Stif

        Would you like to see my collection?

        • Sleep_Salone

          Not my speed, mate. But next time you see one of his comments, it could be worth your while to offer.

          • The_Stif

            Yeah, I was just kidding. I am more into rambones.

            • Sleep_Salone

              I'm bettin' he'd offer a fair trade.

              • The_Stif

                you should take him out in a game of fist-a-cuffs.

  • Tyler

    Holy…shit…that's a lot of ladders.

    • Kay2

      Had no idea, thanks

  • Bobby


    Nice glock, but where did you get that slide? Is it the compensated slide or custom?

    • Evil Bunny

      Its a smith and wesson man

    • Dirk Diggler

      Smith and Wesson Sigma. Piece of Crap. Not every gun is a Glock. S&W would love to have a Semi-Auto, polymer frame pistol that was even half as good as a Glock.

      • Da Magic Dragon

        Yep its a SW40VE or SW9VE. Had one till it got stolen.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #19 Probably neighbors with Dixie Normous

    • FTL

      Hugh G Erection ?

      • FTL

        fucked that up…

        Hugh G Rection

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Or Mike Litz

    • Henrik

      And Jack Hoff

  • etcrr

    #1 #4 what a freakin nightmare

    • TheAutomaticMan

      #4 is exactly why i quit working on cars

  • joe chiver

    #10 – Gee, seems like a rough life doing that from your swanky ass office. I hope they don't mess up your red leather couch on the way out.

    • cajun carrot

      Haters gonna hate.

      • BDDRew

        always do

      • 98009

        lovers gonna love(shit they have no business loving).

    • Suck it

      Looks like a possible reception area to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515473904 Christopher A Parker


    I feel bad about the name, I really do. But "Butt Road?" Come on man!

    • Rahm Emanuel

      it's fake…Seriously Harry Dyck at Butt Road…even a retard knows this is fake…

  • Dorkfish

    #13 He's gotta ride the crane up right,,,,,right??

  • Anonymous

    I find # 12 sexy as hell. Is that weird??

  • Evil Bunny

    #12 now thats high speed

    • nope

      No, no its not. Thats a rent-a-cop.

  • Jules

    Is it weird that I find #12 sexy as hell?

    • Kay2


    • Eviler Bunny

      Nah, I get that a lot Jules.

    • Amy Lee

      If you're weird then so am I~! Very sexy.

      • Amanda

        Was thinking the same damn thing! Need to see the whole thing.

  • MOAR

    #10 Nice office.

  • etcrr

    #19 was his neighbor Pussy Galour?

    • Sleep_Salone

      They're not saying, "Boooooo!"…they're saying, "Stan!"

    • TDub66

      Nope – Dixie Normous

  • Jay

    haha. Nissan quest

  • ctr

    #12 really… lets have the gun in our hand so we look hard.

    • Yeah

      Lol, the album is called 'I hate my job' The Fact that I have to carry a gun everyday to work should rate it. Kinda helps the picture make sense.

      • Yeah, No

        Except thats like a brinks armored car driver. Put your weapon that you're probably highly unqualified on away, put on a real glove and stop trying to act all hooah-highspeed as though you're something more than a glorified rent-a-cop. Go post this at the Brigade and get laughed off the site.

        • Lol

          The fact that you said 'hooah' sums you up as a wannabe MARINE..I mean solider. Quit internet big-shotting troll, you fail as a man. Go back to your desk.

  • jake

    #4 I just did this last night with my truck, I feel your pain

  • Dirty Dingus

    #26 Hopefully it was a nuclear power plant. It's always good when those workers don't give a fuck.

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    #13 I bet bathroom breaks are a BITCH

    • tater

      just shit over the side…dung bombs

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