I miss college….(70 Photos)

This is a regulation 8ft pong table with a Waterproof moat that goes all the way around. It also has two custom ball washers built into the table. The table has 4 speakers (two on each side) with a built in head-unit for music and your Ipod.

  • Adz

    first up. Australia Qld TSV.

  • Faust

    Good table for some D&D

  • QuantuM

    #33 Go Aztecs!!

    • Bon_nie

      Clearly the winner here right?!!

      • bisonbade


    • R2GFan

      Damn I wish I had gone to college.

      • [pl,

        I wish I hadn't. I'd trade my six figure income for the life that I wasted being taught shit I had no interest in learning just so I could make money.

    • Ron Burgundy?

      If I have a daughter some day, she will not be allowed to go there…however, if I have a son, he will be forced to go there…

    • gromtown

      Guess the sluts! I see two….

    • Ark-AU

      Phi Alpha!

      • BornsteinSAE

        Looking good, Phi Alpha!

    • ntuttle42

      I'm sure they won't regret this in a couple of years when they're trying to get jobs.

    • Todd_A

      I think I just fell in love 14 times… Maybe a little bit more with the 14th…

  • Wet_tosti

    #38 Nom nom nom chicken… Can i have te breast piece?

  • klondyke

    #46 Love the floating hand on this one…

    • womp

      sucks nobody told him he looks like a fool with that on his face

    • shoop de doop

      don't understand how this fits in w/ the college thing.

  • liquid muff

    #33 sweet mother of god

    • sae

      Phi Alpha Brothers. Well done!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306794685 Michael McCloskey

        i know what chapter i have to go visit lol

      • Ark-AU

        Phi Alpha indeed!

    • Kyle

      SDSU = Students Drink, Students Urinate

    • Andrews

      Phi Alpha my friends

    • LittleSAE

      Phi Alpha Brothers! This is how the True Gentlemen roll!

  • Jim

    your doing it right.

    • TTT

      #17 strong call

  • MattKL

    #66 That's the barn on I-45, going south from Dallas to Houston, if memory serves. As a Texas Tech alum and die-hard Red Raider, it always pains me to see it.

    • Caity

      It's on highway 6. And gig 'em! ❤

    • NickDaddy73

      No worries, as an Aggie, it always pains us to see anyone forced to where red and black almost as much as it does for us to see puke orange and white.

      • Redraider05

        where? stupid Aggie.

  • liquid muff

    #47 Go Rams!

  • Jay T

    I'd past on going to school in Michigan if those girls are there.

    • eddy

      #35 second chance

  • Jay T

    I rather pass on Michigan if those girls attend school there.

    • Anon

      somehow I knew there would be an online tough guy a-hole making a comment. Thanks for not letting me down! World might be in peril if you did.

      • Burn

        The only reason you knew it would happen is because you were thinking it yourself and knew there was someone out there that was bold enough to say something.

        • James

          That's what I hate about this site, girls can't be on it unless they are hot and skinny. And if they are on the site they would be ridiculed.

    • micheal scott

      I'd rather party with girls that don't drink box wine and margarita mix. BTW there's no alcohol in plain ass margarita mix…fail

      • the other OTHER Jen

        can you please go back to The Office, Michael? its painful with out you.

      • dickfart jones

        yea you'd probably get diabetes before you got drunk

    • The Dude

      The girls in #35 have something to say about that…

    • Paul

      What i find to be awesome is that at first glance there appears to be snow on the ground and these ladies are out there pounding drinks in the tank top' wife beaters.

  • lulz

    Enjoy that while you still can, because after graduation you will be buried in debt and would probably beat by a european or an asian to get a job. Not to mention that the US education system is failing and notoriously known around the world for just for the booze and screwing around.

  • Dick Naylor

    #31 FTW whoooohoooo!

    • Bulldog

      Poser, passed out with a red bull. . . looks like the math club was taking out the trash.

  • Nah

    why is #33 captioned sigma alpha epsilon? those women are definitely not in a frat

    • G-rider

      It's a Trap!

    • TaskMaster

      I was wondering that myself http://www.sae.net/

    • Phi Alpha

      It was a party hosted by the men of SAE.

    • Pfffft

      Little Sisters

    • What caption?

      There was a caption?

    • Eric

      SDSU SAE's Pajama Jam party

    • MR.

      that'de be a sorority , do U mean? Will say the photo was probably taken in the master bedroom suite of the president of TTKA fraternity ! rock- on

    • DSB

      You're an idiot

  • sllimcat

    #45 Gray Cup or GAY Cup ??
    #69 SHHaweet

    • CelticDuck

      It's actually the Grey Cup. It's named after a person – not a color.

      • Pfffft

        Also not a college.

        • Chavito

          Was just gonna mention that… Grey Cup.. for the CFL not college

    • Todd_A

      But how bout a little bit of love for the 3rd and 4th WSU girls? Especially 4th… MOAR please ladies?

    • caleb

      It's where football players go when they can't make it to the NFL,

  • Adam

    #51 That kid has a serious case of douchebag face.

    • [pl,

      and douchebag everything else, from the looks of it.

  • Kodos

    3rd installment, girl on tthe left, pink bikini.. you are ferociously cute!

    MOAR, please.

    • northerner

      Bottom pic, the two in the middle. YO! Especially the girl in the leopard 'kini…

    • homer

      Dude in the middle pic is definitely doing it right.

      • simpson


  • T

    69 indeed! Find em all!!

  • Bill


    That’s because you’re an idiot.

    • Da Boss

      pretty sure it meant camped out and study. assuming never leads to a rational thought huh

    • Go Dores!

      Of course… he went to Tennessee.

  • Anonymous

    Gig ‘Em Aggies!! Class of 2015!!

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #29 #43 Chive on Indiana University! Man I miss that place…real life can be such a buzz-kill.

  • marley

    ummmm, What are those girls covered in #48 ?

  • brian

    #55 someone toss her a cheeseburger or two

    • that_dude_b

      or you could lose weight then you'd have a chance

    • micheal scott

      She could just have some throat yogurt

      • noieij

        i'm sorry, but any guy who talks about women like this(on the internet or in real life) is about as successful with women as a yeast infection. it's just a fact.

        • rmasss

          yeast infections get tons of vagina

    • northerner

      No, just toss'm both my way. They look gorgeous…

  • frankus

    #33 not all stereotypes are bad

  • Frankus

    #51 looks like a douche….totally deserves the tape to be pulled off extra slow

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