Sports photos timed perfectly for our amusement (32 Photos)

  • Brandon


    • Your Name Here

      Go drink a gallon of bleach for this.

      • drewscriver

        With a vinegar chaser.

  • Dunny

    #1 first

  • RGT1026

    #22, Fuck it, I’m out.

    • Brian

      Why? Bulls horns are tipped. Pussies.

      • B Line (@asylumstudio)

        The bulls horns are mostly curved to prevent actual damage, either because it’s training exercise or first timers…. But the actual event runs the bull till it exhausted then the marador comes out…. The bulls eyes are usually covered with Vaseline to blur it’s vision aswell, making it even more unfair….. I love the part where the bull fucks up the dude good and proper!!!!

      • etcrr

        doesn't matter, scared shitless

    • Si1entStatic

      or they are recreating the scene from Mission impossible in the data vault. The Bull has no idea he is there.

  • james

    we like sports

    • lonely island

      and we don't care who knows

  • crayzins

    Not 'sposed to bend that way.

  • JHarris

    #18 Black girl in the pool? Must be shopped!

    • DerJöe

      don't you see? she ain't in the pool….

    • deese

      Limited thinking…regardless of the race…

  • JHarris

    #26 Ball 2

    • Craigery

      More like Ball 3.

      • bridgemaster

        1 strike, no balls

    • nicaspeed

      Gotta protect those chicken mcnuggets, lol

  • Landlubber77

    #24 Soon….

    • one

      It's the Wisconsin Marching Band!

      • Scotsman

        It is…and Minnesota's is better. 😛
        But seriously, congrats to Wisconsin on the Big Ten Championship.

  • Anonymous

    Even though smith is getting he hair.pulled that left arm made the puller regret it instantly

  • that_dude_b

    #28 "i know, right? I was like O MY GAWD his butt is so nice!"

    • Si1entStatic

      "Guilty as charged! I did cop a feel while under center….."

    • nicaspeed

      SMDH, how queer is this really? Whoever took this pic should be freaking rewarded for best gay pic

    • BaltimoreChiver

      Not how I wanted my University to get on the Chive…damnit O'Brien.

  • misschris

    #10 Timing is everything…. And this photographer has perfected it.

    • anferny

      whats her name

      • Urriah O. Aguilera

        shanelle loraine

    • Bubba


  • frankus

    #21 bye bye twitter account

  • bbqboobs

    #11 He just found out Alabama got in over Oklahoma State.

    • Billy

      Who wants to watch LSU beat Alabama again?

    • Dan

      What a joke. Boring!

    • BigBear

      Bama has no right to play LSU again. they had their chance and lost, give it to someone who deserves it. LONG LIVE THE BIG XII! and sic'em bear!

      • Bill

        dude, seriously, in what universe does a loss to a completely unranked team trump a loss to number one? get real. btw RGIII deserves the heisman, if he doesn't get it then you truly have something to bitch about…..

  • The_Stif

    #22… I must go… My people need me.

    • nicaspeed

      No, this is the real superman, not that gay shit queer ass soldier boy put out

  • echogeo

    This would be one of those Excedrin moments.

    • etcrr

      punch through his fist, double win, making him hit himself for a knockout

    • nicaspeed

      This is the moment before homeboy realizes he just got knocked th f out, lol.

  • Beluga

    #31 You don't mess with Croatian girls!!!

    • Bubba

      "I've got a new handlotion, smells great!" Really? Let me…"

  • Mak-da-ripper

    #20 idon't really see any perfect timing here. This is standard soccer

    • Marcelo

      Omg… so many mistakes in one phrase…

    • thetwistether

      I for one, sir, have acquired your taste in the sarcastic and it is well appreciated.

      • Dunny

        and you enjoy the taste of his balls in your mouth.

    • Roy Lockhart

      its not soccer its tennis

  • 4acesusaf

    #14 You're doing it wrong

  • eggnog

    #27 I swear I will never understand the rules of cricket…

    • etcrr

      I thought that they were against corporal punishment?

      • The Foley

        It's always fun trying to explain the rules to someone. So much confusion.

    • Shwetank Shukla

      This photoshopped image came into being after India beat Australia during the recent 2011 world cup. 🙂

  • amandajean

    "I have the weirdest boner right now" #20

  • mipo2010

    I believe I can fly!!! #22

  • J.G

    This is the point Bobby thought to himself; "Maybe I should have gone to Dentral school like my mom wanted" #12

    • J.G


    • SAM

      He should have ridden the 29er instead

  • JTA

    #28 "Guiltyyyyy!"

  • Do0zer

    #21 "Like OMG!! Who would ever have thought a FOOTBALL player would have accidentally tackled me!"

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been in #12’s position before, only on a yzf 450. A few choice 4 letter words scramble in your head at this point in time. At least he doesn’t have 400lbs about to land on him

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro

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