Sports photos timed perfectly for our amusement (32 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    11.Baylor has officially made it.

  • R2GFan

    #21 I'd hit it.

    • Steamboat Willie

      Yeah you're right Jason Witten does have a nice ass.

  • anonymous

    #1 "you got any french fried taters?"

    • jared

      Anyone else notice SportsCenter is misspelled? Must be a UK broadcast.

  • jrey81

    #7 his head… a sploooode.

  • Shockerdyermom

    #29, hipster D-bags shouldn’t even try.

  • bmw11585

    #24 Go Badgers!

    • nicaspeed

      You want some of this????

  • HmmmmmmParty

    #16 chive on Ravens ! Never respected,

    Ravens > Squealers

  • Anonymous

    #1 Go Lions! Grey Cup champs!

  • etcrr

    #12 this is not going to end well

    • _maxPain_

      yup,,one very painful collarbone fracture surgery — $12,000,00
      one brand new cannondale mountain bike — $ 4,000.00
      one ambulance ride to Downtown Hospital —$ 200.00
      one life-long bruised ego,,,,,priceless__!
      For anything else try curling,,,

      • etcrr

        I took an ambulance ride cost me $750 other than that I believe you are correct

  • Maynard B.

    #7- How to beat the duckface out of someone.

  • Connor MacManus

    #21 The hottie brunette had no idea she would touch Jason Witten that day, watching it on tv he barely ran into her.

  • KalEl24

    #16 cut your nasty ass hair… this is a legal tackle because your hair is not part of your uniform and this looks like it hurt.

    • Go Ravens!

      Clarification – tackling by the hair is legal, because it IS part of the uniform. Also, Torrey Smith, the long haired Raven player pictured above, was interviewed after the game and said that it did not hurt. He also said that he has no intention of cutting his hair, because his mom and grandmother like it. To each their own.

      • MonkeyMadness

        That's the way he should be tackled all the time. He's just asking for it.

  • Thomas Michael McClure

    #22 Extreme Planking

  • king_Leonidas26

    #9 ahhhhhhhhhhh, wtf

  • Art

    #2 Shhh!! Don't be scared….. Its just my penis.

    • ORA

      Don't make fun of Dzeko hes the bomb… he just rapes that's all

    • nicaspeed

      Going down the hersey highway. This is the new Brokeback Mountain, soccer style, lol

  • AllanA


    • nicaspeed

      Girl must be taking testosterone pills or something. No way a white girl can outdo a black chick in sports….Its just the law of nature…Just kidding

  • Anonymous

    Go Bears! First the Baylor cheerleaders get some love from theChive and now the football team, I love it!

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  • CalAb13

    #9 Well THERES yur problem!

  • Bry10

    He has the weirdest bonner right now!

  • monoxxide

    #16 long hair is for girls

    • nicaspeed

      So close but yet so long. Cut that hair and you wouldnt have to complain that this was illegal.

      • Eric Scott

        Its not illegal! Pulling someone down by the hair is legal, its considered part of the uniform. Weird i know, but thats the rules! If i were a football player, id have short hair so they wouldnt have an extra thing to take me down with.

        • MonkeyMadness


  • Nick Hariri


    Do the creep, HAAA!

    • nicaspeed

      No, its do the drown, drown, drown. Girl youre gonna drown. You all should know black folks cant swim. Just like asians cant drive cuz they have no pereferal vision, lol….

  • Missoula

    #28 "Uh, coach, I'm not sure I should go in right now. I mean if I have to I think I can but I just took a huge bong rip and slammed a beer."

  • Whitito

    27 has been photoshopped

  • Skifacejimmy

    #15 Ninethward skis, yes sir

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