Tan Line Tuesday (37 photos)

  • thangers

    #4 do they still do the DARE program in schools?

  • Sweets

    Glory hallelujah!!!

  • Jeff

    Visions of summer dancing through my head. Please, Chive, keep these posts all winter long!

  • Renegade800135

    Nice how about a cameltoe Tuesday

  • El Guapo

    Love Tan Line Tuesday. Favorite gallery sofar on the Chive.

  • Camarodude

    #23 what in the fuck

  • Cody

    Tan lines are awesome.

  • md auto

    moar 30 ! just wow !!!!!!

  • b money

    We need more hot Asians.

  • Afoz345

    The only thing better than Tan Line Tuesday, is seeing the tan line in person!

  • Stu Piddassell

    #23 That chick should shave her legs and get a pedicure…

  • kyle

    #2 doesn't look like she has tan lines. someone point it out if there are.

    • kyle

      I meant #20.

      • kyle

        CRAP! #21. Long day at work!

  • Randy

    I actually lol'd at #8

  • Anonymous

    #6 #14 I like that side, let’s see the other side now

  • ukulelemike

    #21 You may bear my children

    • Nathan

      I think there's nude pics of her online and of her blowing a guy

  • Keith_D

    Please find #21… Please.


    • Nathan

      I'm positive I saw nude pics of her before and pretty sure there's some of her blowing a guy.

  • http://thechive who?

    I fuggin love women!!!!

  • Huge

    #11 Best crotch of the minute award.

  • Goomba in Kandahar

    Tan line Tuesday, Mind the Gap, and Hump Day all rolled in one.

  • Marcis

    #6 #7 #19 #22 booty booty rockin everywhere

  • Charlie

    #33 This makes me feel dirty in all the right ways…

  • Brian


    Oh to wake up to THAT every day.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #9 #28 So sweet Great shoots girl…

  • Anonymous

    #22 🙂 coke bottle love it

  • thesauceboss

    – #16!!!

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