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  • ARchad


    • thatoneguy

      wow. i woulndt wear any of these. stick with the "keep calms" & "bill fucking murrays".
      that is all.

      • Ferme La bouche

        Fire whoever came up with this bullshit idea and you are off to a good start.

        • Chiver In Bio

          Unless the quality of the shirts has improved significantly, they will all be crap no matter what the design is.

    • hhhhjhjk

      Ha ha – maybe you should learn to spell Frist.

    • Sellout

      These are all horrible really. The first one is okay I guess. Chive you keep making piss poor decisions, this place is becoming ebaumsworld

  • Sloppy Joes

    All of these are kinda predictable and terrible, sorry chive…just keeping it real.

    • thatoneguy

      yeah, i wouldnt pay 5$ for any of these.

      • The_Dood

        I would pay $5.00 for #2. But not a penny more and I wouldn't spend anything on the rest of them.

        • Kellen

          I would pay $1,000 for #2, but I agree, the whole set is pretty terrible for T-shirts.

          • Malkintosh22

            #2 is honestly the only one I actually laughed at. I would pay the regular $20

        • hello please

          Can't tell if




          • TheBatman

            yep…. not a fan of any. Instead of these just make more Logo tees, KCCO and BFMs…

    • emini

      yeah all suck

      • Terry

        Should have a vote for none of them and make new ones

    • JAS

      and all come from

    • swashbux

      Yeah. I feel like these are the shirts that got denied by some novelty t-shirt website

    • Yes Sir

      There really should be a None Of The Above Option

    • sd bronx


    • The Big Machine

      Chive, I think right now you're better off developing more brand related designs, or stuff like the Bill shirt that is related to a Chive theme we've seen posted. These feel forced and a bit disingenuous. I feel like you're saying, "Hey we have a bunch of followers now, let's peddle some random 'clever' shirts to them." In other words, don't dilute you're brand with crap.

      • JP Souza

        Here here!

        You can do better Chive.
        It seems that your followers have spoken. "None of the above!"
        How about a FLBP shirt for the 'gifted' Chivettes.

      • lazy emloyee

        If there was an option to vote to hate them all, i think it would win… The Chive would be better off selling actual quality shirts for more money, rather than stupid gimick shirts for cheap.

    • derp

      yep, they all suck.

    • james

      Yea. I'd pay 2 for 5$. but some of these are rip offs too.

    • Lotus

      They're all pretty bad, but not unlike most of what they're already selling. Especially the Keep Calm shirt. It started as just a shamelessly "borrowed" slogan, but the frenzy it has invoked has made it unbearable.

      The Chive logo tees are the only decent thing I've seen offered. But if you asked me, the Chive was a much better place before the Chivery showed up. I really don't like seeing people who bought your t-shirts doing lame stuff being passed off as content.

    • Cruzer117

      They should forget all of these and start making KCCO And TheChive T's enough so everyone can have one!

  • echogeo

    I am surprised that there aren't votes for #7 yet. Star Wars is popular on the Chive.

    • Kellen

      #7 Star Wars is popular period, that doesn't excuse the fact it already exists:

    • JBinNC

      It is a funny picture, but that doesn't mean it would be a good shirt.

    • bMoles

      I completely agree, it was the only shirt that didnt seem to gimmicky. its a shirt that I think I would actually wear. Simple design with dry humor, its perfect.

    • jimbojones

      So popular, in fact, I've heard they might make a movie.

  • txchiver

    I don't know about on a shirt but #8 is a pretty damn accurate tagline for this website.

    • TTT

      a dude hump dude

    • Anon

      I would buy two of those TODAY.

  • Anthony

    I'd totally buy 1000 exaggeration shirts

    • TTT

      he used his savvy knowledge to hit u back chive..u can't explain that

    • Lier Guy

      Thats the ticket!

    • WordsHurtMyHead

      I see what you did there…

  • Charlie

    Those are all pretty weak

    • MrRushing

      I challenge you to do better. Opinions are like assholes. You should put yours where your mouth is.

      • Kellen

        So in order to criticize anything you need to be able to do better than it yourself? I can't sing or write songs, but that doesn't mean I can't say that Nickleback is terrible.

        • 079

          let him keep thinking he's not an idiot. it's funnier that way.

          • andrew

            well he is being honest they are weak. thechive said give your opinions and thats what we are doing.

  • jegarrido10

    #2 & #8

    • bob lee swagger

      …both suck.

  • Anonymous

    Or. You could get good shirts.

  • trboerger

    they are all pretty whack IMHO

    • trboerger

      there was better shit in the WTF post like the bears with lasers and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot … I would wear those

  • Darkside

    The mime club shirt is a good one.

    • bob lee swagger

      No, it's not.

  • woody

    #5 should say the oceans speed bump

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #8 Or Adderall

  • typotech

    I like #2. In fact, I'm super in love with it. Best thing that ever existed.

    • thangers


  • sucka

    I'd buy…none.

  • Brett

    I would pay for #1 – i'd wear 7, 8 or 9 if they were given to me as gifts

    • JBinNC

      I think #1 is only funny because it is still a fairly current event. In year or two people will forget. If they're gonna make that one, they better get on it soon.

      • Brett

        i think the spirit of Hermie as it relates to the show in general makes the shirt timeless despite the currency of the occupy nonsense…he fought the power, albeit on dental grounds

    • chris

      #1 is good but a better shirt would be a "Just watering the hippies" shirt

  • Carl Pelham

    all rubbish

  • manic_plastic

    These are pathetic. Can't you already buy crap like this at any t-shirt shop in the mall?

  • Harmonica

    have to agree ive seen better this first one is funny and all bot not right for a shirt IMO
    but well i voted for the manatee

    • Harmonica

      just get them to print BFM and KCCO on mass 😉

      • sorry, had to

        *en masse

  • Sean

    I probably wouldnt buy any of them. You can do better, Chive.

  • Solatso

    #9 made me actually LOL

    • f1junkie

      only one thats any good at all

    • Ric Romero

      It's The Flash not Flash Gordon…

      • greg

        thank you

      • Juan

        I was just about to say that. +1

        • nick

          as was I. nerds cant let that kind of mistake stand!

          • 079

            STOP CALLING YOURSELVES NERDS! goddamn. everyone and their grandmother calls themselves nerds now…..

      • JHL1

        Perhaps they're trying for a triple fail…
        1) Wrong name
        2) Wrong costume
        3) He's still wearing clothes (fail at flashing)

  • SexyPoulet

    Don't think any of them are that good – who ever your partner is fire em lol – occupy the north pole is going to be so useless in a month

  • ImBilliam

    Manatee is the only halfway decent one that's kind of original. The rest are lackluster.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    Those are pretty good shirt ideas. #1 #2 #8 #9 Are my picks 🙂

    • sandi

      the option is to vote for one ass hat. count much?

      • Spencer_on_Fire

        There is a lot that I could say to counter that one……but look at the top of the page. I'm merely pointing out the four I'd like to see.


    • Rob

      Of course they're good shirt ideas. Too bad they already exist.

  • troll


  • bisketz

    #8 or #10 would make the best shirts. Least ones that I would wear on the norm.

    • alexpraschak


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