You decide. (10 photos)

  • Caca

    3, 7, 9 hands down….. I'd buy them for my whole family!!!!

  • @newfiebackflip

    #1#8#9 are fucking awesome haha. When will they be ready, ill take 2 of each.

  • Cici

    #1 #7 #8 #9 🙂

  • zowie

    helli-lame shirts. WTF Chive?

  • Manson

    Fuck makin new shirts, moar KC&CO shirts…now theres an idea!!!

  • Stephanie Pierce Sprague


  • Scrooge

    So all of these are already available to buy on It's not very creative at all to just steal a bunch of designs from another website to sell linked to yours. There's a little something called copyright! Plus they all suck anyway

  • rodolfo

    #2 #8 #10 are the only ones that will retain

  • test
  • lol
  • Cute wolf!

    Im new so. That was funny!

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