Artist draws portrait of father with 3.2 million dots (Video)

Artist Miquel Endara used a variety of Micron pens to capture different diameters of dots in creating this amazing portrait that took over 210 hours to complete. It is now known as the most complex connect-the-dots ever.

More of Miguel’s work here.

  • thom

    I couldn't begin to do what he did, I am a no talent hack, but couldn't a computer do this in about 5 seconds?
    What an odd picture to recreate too.

    • sq33

      Why draw anything when you can just take a picture of it?

  • Ally

    We did this in my 10th grade art class. Not to discredit this dude, but it's not terribly difficult. I did one of Blink 182 (I was in 10th grade, be nice hah) and then one of this nature scene that I ended up winning a contest and a hundred dollar savings bond with. I still don't think I can cash yet, what a horrible prize.

  • luke

    …and not s single line was made that morning

  • All methed up

    Looks just like he stuck his face on a xerox machine lol

  • ivan

    Thats easy ill doit with my eyes closed and holding mi dick….

  • Crizz

    I'll bet that guy beats off like a maniac.

  • KyleGamgee

    Is that a commercial for the pens?

  • tLoko420


  • wikisaurus

    whos counting the dots

  • spartus

    i thought this was a commercial for the pen he was using

  • Ethan

    all with one pen..?? haha not like it matters but that would be cool. awesome piece of art!!

  • Matt Paulson

    I know full well how painstaking one of these pieces can be as it was one of my favorites styles/mediums to do when in high school. I started one of Jerry Garcia years ago and never completed it. I can say this from experience though that when I did this for more than 3 hours at a time my dreams would be pretty much made of dots. Its a cool medium but also one of the least forgiving I've ever done as there is no truly good way to erase a mistake. Top notch video though really makes me wish I would have kept on doing art like that.

  • Sareon

    A portrait using only stippling as a shading technique utilizing the detail of shading applied by this man? "not to discredit you" but i have reason to doubt you as a 10th grader….but idk you or your skill/ technique with the medium, but you do an awfully good job at trying to discredit him even when saying otherwise. but if you did, then you of all people should know better than to classify this as not terribly difficult, is the technique the hardest out there? probably not. but it definitely is one of patience and consistency

  • Guest

    My hand hurts

  • bri

    *breaks down crying*

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