Found: Cosplayer Enji Night (24 Photos)

We've featured Enji Night more than a few times on the site in both her Superwoman and Firefox cosplay creations. Enji's from Budapest, Hungary and is considered to be one of the best cosplayers out there.

Enji's also very active on her Facebook Page and relies heavily on her followers to provide her with suggestions for her costumes. Enjoy...

  • Daniel Andujar

    Someday I will find a woman like this… and wife her.


    How many fantasies in one fine package??

  • Chazz_B

    #17 #24 she is such a goddess, wow

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Beautiful

  • Hmmm

    Well that sure left a gooey mess in my pants.

  • Squarejaw McBeefy

    just another slut in store bought costumes

  • Scott

    Where were these girls when I was in High school????? I was intot he geek stuff a generation too early, before it was cool.. sigh

  • Danielle

    I am a straight married woman… I'd switch teams for this girl.

  • thebluebull

    Yepp….I just had a nerdgasm…..

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. How about a little hump-DAR?

  • Beldar

    Most of these pictures make me think of people that like to dress up in furry costumes before they have sex.

  • Sam


  • Nishtai

    I don't know most of her characters. I don't care

  • Simbuh

    She bears an uncanny resemblance to Bryce Dallas Howard.

  • Tony

    ….. Holy shit 🙂

  • Thomas Michael McClure


  • Simon

    Dear Enji;

    Do a photo shoot wearing a Princess Leia metal bikini and I will be in nerd heaven!

  • varlotto

    How hot a girl is inversely proportional to how hard she has to work on her costume.

  • big red

    #28 willk do me

  • Big Papa


  • jared

    What is she a Thundercat in #7? I'd bang that. Snarf snarf!!!

  • Tim S.

    This chick does absolutely nothing for me. Not a single picture.

  • warouvish

    I am officially moving to Hungary and finding her. She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.

  • Umbra Fractus

    #21 Old School!

  • JohnnyRocket

    OMG she rocks in every way possible O.O

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