Girls on Santa’s naughty list get wedgies for Xmas (26 Photos)

  • berkshires

    #14 Nice LG

  • bkfrijoles

    #16 looks like she popped her hymen

  • Jacko50

    #24 is totally loving it

  • FunnyD12

    This should be a weekly one!

  • Leah

    #6 I have those panties

  • Crow

    I found this post more painful than anything. I had this horrible tingling sensation in my feet.

  • ben n it

    #14.put that shit in my lap!

  • Anonymous

    Love it

  • Abrasive_Jay

    #10 Milwaukee's Best? She deserved it.

  • buckeye473210

    flossin' lol

  • Scott

    Fucked up

  • Dave

    Whats that got to do to the vag, damaging

  • Anonymous

    Man, who is #14… Show her from the front. That is one beautiful HUMP!!!

  • frontalwegdiegirl

    If that's what they get for being bad, this year I'm going to start being terrible!

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