• Mike

    Wow that’s pretty awesome

  • OAHS

    Holy shit, I would say forever alone but he's too awesome for that.

  • ayo

    im callin BS this is fake

    • alkasulz

      Reminds me of another fake video.

    • tylour

      I know the kids who did this its completely real

  • Wm

    If a hitter could place a ball like that at whim he would get a hit every at bat. Total BS

  • http://chive.com lamhchops

    Wm your an idiot. Obviously its a practiced trick and all through highschool and college ball they teach you how to put the ball where u want it in different situations in the game. And theres no way to derive batting average from this. There’s different pitches at different speeds different plate locations. These were all coming from the same position at the same speed. Just cause you cant doesn’t mean other have been doing it for weeks.

    • Pete

      Of course it a practiced trick you dolt. Its not as if anyone walks up and does that first time. 99% of the people here haven't seen this before, so its not such an everyday occurrence that you seem to be implying. Loosen up – its cool.

      • Peppi

        Lol, burn

  • Sea

    Yup, bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Has to be fake. If that was real, every single major league team scout would be knocking on his door.

  • baws

    Lamhchop youre a tool. its so obviously fake.

  • Average_Joe+619+

    hope it was real… Doubt it

  • warouvish

    This shit is for sure real. Bunch of fuckin haters who dont know shit about Americas favorite sport. any pro could do that with a full day to practice it.

    • Thomas

      “americas favorite Sport” maybe watched ,but not practiced. That would be skateboarding…

    • julio

      Eating its not a Sport ajajajaj!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fake as shit! The way his feet are positioned and how hard he is hitting the ball would be impossible to hit that every time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000412640827 Juan Hernandez

    Wowi talk about control, it looks easy, but in order for it to come back he has to hit the same spot everytime…..

  • Anonymous

    Unreal. Like literally unreal. Sh*t is totally fake.

  • Dan K

    I'm amazed that anyone would think this is real.

  • Lev

    I’m so confused how dumb people are to actually think this isn’t CGI. I’m losing hope in Americans day by day.

  • Haha

    You guys ate wrong if you look at the video each time the ball hits the nets the nets flex and in the last one you can actually see it hit amazing

  • Anonymous

    Something doesn’t add up. I don’t know much about physics but something tells me that due to the energy lost through wind resistance etc. there’s no way the ball would be able to keep making it all the way back to the plate. If this was to work the batter would have to shimmy up a little each time as the ball lost energy. Maybe someone with a little more physics know how could chime in. If we’re not careful we all might learn something here….

  • pooper

    fake derp

  • Common Sense

    Guys, forget the contact he’s making. The balls are hitting the nets in the same places every time. Not even pitching machines are that accurate. Definitely fake, but let’s quit arguing about it and just enjoy the video for what it is.

  • SpacemanSpiff


  • dewd

    LMAO everyone arguing about this being real or fake…. I call bullshit on this one. Like this guy said, not even pitching machines are that accurate. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but highly improbable. Chive, put it to rest and find this dude. The truth must be revealed!

    • tylour

      He went to Ventura High School played varsity base ball since he was a freshman

  • guest

    if you think this is real i have a unicorn to sell you

  • theDayner

    I just want to let you guys know that its totally real. I just got back from a semester at Hogwarts and this was one of the first things they taught us.

    • gary

      haha funniest comment in a while

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1068611674 Mark Tuquero


  • http://www.facebook.com/zack.dahnke Zack Dahnke

    Wow..Way cooler than the bat flip guy.

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