Let’s have a post for the douchebags (29 Photos)

  • Eric

    #15 Chive, there is nothing douchey about Dick Towel. I'm ashamed you would even consider it such.

  • moneyshot

    If you think tapout isn’t douchey then you’re probably a douche

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. But those guys own the company and one of them is dead, so I’d say all that makes it less douchbaggery

  • Anonymous

    Just ask for a large coffe at Starbucks then the douch bag behind the counter will tell you ordered it wrong.

  • SolidusSnake420

    See that hipsters? You are just douchebags. And #17 those are some successful mother fuckers except mask, he dead

  • Tommy

    Um ……
    Let’s not……..

  • Anonymous

    In my state tap out wear is a douch bag essential. It’s douchy period.

  • Broshon

    The guys in seventeen were the owners of the WEC before UFC bought it. The one with the paint on his face died in a car crash.

    • Magz

      They didn't ever own WEC, they are the founders of Tapout


    If you put a dead animal and a weapon in their hands they wouldn’t be douchebags anymore… TRUTH.

  • BoJangles

    "Let's have a post for the douchebags"…Lets not and say that we did!!

  • akr

    #18 is kinda like a douchebag han solo

  • Maynard B.

    #25- Try this: Go into a Dunkin' Donuts and say, "Large regular with cream and sugar."
    #14- "Dealing" with you, Snooks, thats the main problem.

  • bless1

    bunch of homos

  • dw297992

    Why isn't there a picture of Criss Angel anywhere on this post?

  • Da Lollipop Prince

    Is the girl in #7 holding a glass of pickles?

    • Craigery

      Nope. It's a jar. 😉

  • Tucker

    #25 Black coffee, done.

  • http://manwall.com Man Wall

    I need to get on this list, how do I submit photos?


  • ttthhu

    #15… duck face

  • Commando00

    2 1/2 douches…….

    I hope that guy lost a bet and had to do that….

  • curious George

    #23- oooooo, you have $260…….. that’s what grownups call “Pay I made Monday” at my real job. You know, the one that doesn’t involve the phrase “Hi, welcome to the GAP…” or “Thanks Mom for the allowance” at 24 yrs old……

  • Tyler Durden

    #19 not a douche, just straight up homo.

  • Specks13

    #7 Did anyone else notice the jar of pickles she's holding? WTF is up with the blondes hair, put a cigarette to close to it and the whole place goes up in flames.

    • Dick_Hammer

      We can only hope that someone will

  • J G

    #25 try…"Coffee, Black."

  • MariaSky100

    #24 Why would somebody do something like this to themselves?

    • Dick_Hammer

      Because their douchebags, it's a terrible disease that has spread quickly. It seems to have started in new jersey or new york and is now worldwide, fortunately it's only contagious among those of lesser intelligence.

  • http://twitter.com/asylumstudio B Line (@asylumstudio)

    I see douchebags….. :-l

  • Larry

    And yet women keep giving these things attention. C'mon ladies, stop encouraging this behavior.

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