Let’s have a post for the douchebags (29 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Big gay bag of used deuche.

  • Deeveeus


    There's an easy fix for that…order a small, medium or large "coffee"…that is all

  • Johnmarinville

    Oh, come on! Half of these guys aren't even douchebags! They're wanna be douchebags….

  • RustyxTrombone

    #24 opulence I has it.

  • ~MEGATRON~81

    #19 has to be the biggest tool in America

  • rae

    i am pretty sure the azn "chick" in #9 is packing tai boy style.

  • http://gravatar.com/sangraal043 sangraal043

    #17- why is this pic here? Those dudes are not douchebags. Those are the guys from tapout, and mask is dead.

    • Guy


  • big red

    #12 I like where this is headed

  • Mr.Wiseass

    #12 How come I'm never invited to the underwear parties?

  • Anonymous

    Retarded kids don’t know their retarded, do Douchebags know their Douches?

  • des

    #17 aren't douchebags. Those 3 created TapouT which was a very important sponsor to the UFC when it was first purchased by Zuffa. I don't wear TapouT or any other fight apparel but I love watching UFC events and those dudes helped them get to where they are today by sponsoring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu events with their t-shirt company and later the UFC once they were bigger. Now they're rich as shit and although a lot of douchbags wear their brand of clothing, they are winners.

  • torc

    #9 i feel a bit ill now…

  • Unwelcome Guest

    Hover hands post please

  • Magz

    Yea me and a bunch of my friends are done with this site. Been a loyal Chiver over 2 years now, but Charles "Mask" Lewis was never a Douchebag and the fact that you call him that shows this sites blatant lack of respect. theChive.com, you now have become the biggest douchebag of them all. Even after an entire day of people telling you that you messed up, you still keep this pic up. This will be the last time I post on here and the last time I ever visit the Chive. I'm now ashamed to call myself a chiver and will be burning my KCCO shirt promptly after work now. You have made it embarrassing to call myself a chiver….Not the first time either, i.e. Casey Anthony….

  • Anonymous

    You can scratch the”MASK” out of the phonebook nobody will be calling him anymore.

  • Brad Wesley


    You may admire the dude for his role in MMA or UFC or whatever. But the stupid looking tats and clothes makes him look like a douchebag. And, if the picture is any indication, he probably acted like a douchebag as well. All you guys complaining are probably loaded up with tats as well and wear ridiculous looking "Hey look at me I am a badass" clothes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pierorazio Justin Pierorazio

    not cool with #17, R.I.P. Mask, douchebags are the ones who wear tapout and then think they are UFC fighters, they can wear their own shirts any time they damn well please, also these guys created the brand with only 2 grand in hand sitting outside of various MMA events and made it with hard work and dedication and have donated millions of dollars to various charities, i vote for an apology, because Chivers are not happy, i promise you

  • Brad Wesley

    I say most Chivers don't give a rats ass about MMA or UFC or fan boys who get offended when their hero's get disrespected.

    • http://gravatar.com/sangraal043 sangraal043

      That would be because the people you are referencing are probably fat p.o.s.es who look at this site for something to rub knuckle babies too. I would pay money to anyone who could step to any mma fighter and tell them they are douchebags. For the record I have no tats and do not wear that brand of clothes. I just have respect for people that have made their make in this world.

  • Dude

    #23 is not a douchebag. That's a gangsta!

  • Matt

    20 – http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/douch
    Is that Ricky Martin?????

  • guy

    man, i really dont think all of these peeps are d-bags, stop being so harsh. What was so douchey with 21 for example.. a guy making a west side sign? is that all it takes to be a douche these days?

  • guy

    but, yeh i agree most of these pics made me laugh, its amazing how ridiculous and vain some people are.

  • tyler durden

    i have never wanted to punch people in the face this much in my entire life

  • Anonymous

    22 big time gay boy hahahah

  • Donnie

    #9 Bwwwww haaaa haaaa hooo hooo haa haa bwaa haah……

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